Where to buy loaded Alhambra - Gerben
I am looking for a fully loaded Seat Alhambra 1.9TDi, new or nearly new. Do any of you know a good place to buy one? I was thinking of one of those deep-discounted importers...

BTW: Does Alhmabra come in a comparable spec as the Sharan Sport 1.9PD? I only saw the Alhambra Sport with the V6. (The 'Sport' suspension takes out the body roll quite nicely...)

BTW2: the ideal Alhambra would be the 4Motion Sport TDi, but that is not even availble as a Sharan in the UK. On the continent you can get that model, but guess what: VW Sharan is cheaper here than over there! And I just don't want to spend £28K on the 4Motion, if the 2WD is below £20K here.

Thanks for the replies.
Where to buy loaded Alhambra - DavidHM
www.ukcarbroker.co.uk has the Alhambra TDi PD 130 SE for £19155, UK supplied.

Alternatively you can have the Sharan TDi PD 130 Sport for £19629 or the Carat for £20470.
Where to buy loaded Alhambra - paulvm
Good choice!
Am on my second Alhambra, went for 20VT engine with SE trim.
Excellent engine and trim includes sport suspension which is vast improvement. Spec is very high as is build quality. Last Alhambra went to just over 100,000 miles with only servicing required.

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