Is the Honda Civic a reliable used car?

I am looking to buy my first car and am debating buying used or investing in something nearly new.

I need something reliable to get me to work each day, powerful enough petrol engine for motorway use on weekends, and a decent sized boot for my things (family hatch sized).

My current budget is £5000 and am looking at a 2006 Honda Civic 1.8 with 50-60,000 miles of which there are a few near me in the Bristol area and seems to tick the boxes while looking good as well.

However my concern is reliability, I have been offered by a family member a loan which would bring my budget up to £15,000. Is it worth investing in something newer or will the civic be reliable enough?

Asked on 11 April 2015 by tlines92

Answered by Honest John
Yes, I like these cars. Capacious. Handle decently enough. Ride quality isn't great (but better on 16-inch wheels with 55 profile tyres than on 17-inch wheels with 45 profile tyres.

They'll do 45mpg on a run. And the 1.8iVTEC chain cam engine is fairly bulletproof. The only reason to take the family loan and get a newer (current model) Civic 1.8iVTEC is peace of mind. The £5000 car will need tyres, brakes, battery, exhaust. Various bits will wear out that won't on a newer car.
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