Honda Servicing - Dogbreath
In HJ's book and car-by-car breakdown, HJ says all Hondas should be serviced by the franchised dealers etc. For 3/4 year old Honda cars is this really necessary? Is the VTEC engine really that technical? I have a good local garage with experienced reliable mechanics who charge £45 an hour.
Honda Servicing - Burnout2
Depends on your point of view. As far as I'm aware, nothing in the official Honda service schedule relates specifically to the variable valve timing technology. If I owned a Type-R VTEC, I'd at least seek out independent specialists, or stick with the dealer network out of superstition.

Since my local dealer charges the best part of £200 for a glorified oil change, and managed to miss a fault during the warranty period which looks set to lumber me with a large bill, I take a somewhat dim view of Honda servicing. Their dealers vary in competence and attitude like everywhere else; the common factor seems to be high cost.


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