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BMW X3 30d - Intermediate oil changes - Hopeful

I will be collecting an 18 month old X3 at the weekend with 7000 miles on the clock.

With my previous 330d I changed the oil every 7500 miles and I was planning on continuing this with the new car.

Is there any reason not to? I didn't know if it was better to let things bed in.

BMW X3 30d - Intermediate oil changes - bathtub tom

With only 7K miles in eighteen months on a diesel I'd be more concerned about accelerated wear from short journeys and DPF problems.

BMW X3 30d - Intermediate oil changes - sammy1

Why does everyone consider that low mileage has to be achieved with short trips? It may well be infrequent use! The BMW service schedule based on how you drive and use the car suits most owners and it is your car and your choice. Many disagree with what might appear to be extended, miles between oil changes but I would not risk an oil change outside the dealership whilst in warranty.

BMW X3 30d - Intermediate oil changes - Hopeful

I would use a BMW Dealership to do the oil change. My local dealer has been no dearer than independents in the past, and they let me supply the oil too. They used to question the need in the past but they know me there now :)

BMW X3 30d - Intermediate oil changes - skidpan

When I had the 118D I did an annual oil change using my Pela 6000. Really simple, get engine hot (do about 6 miles) insert probe down dipstick hole and pump to create vacuum. Did not take long but in truth it did not extract 100% of the oil but enough to ensure it was 90% fresh at least.

Naughty me but did not change the filter.

Used BMW LL04 spec oil 0w30 viscosity.

For the record I did about 7500 miles a year for 5 1/2 years and never had a single DPF issue. Commute was 15 miles each way 3 days a week, the rest was shopping and trips to the country to walk the dog plus the annual trip to Whitby for fish and chips.

BMW X3 30d - Intermediate oil changes - edlithgow

I'd be more concerned about only having fish and chips once a year.


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