Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Rob C
Afternoon all.
A few weeks ago, the VED expired on my Land Rover SIII, which I park on the road outside my house. Upon digging out the documents, it transpires that I have forgotten about the MOT as well.
Took it to MOT station yesterday, it failed of course and will require some electrical work and some welding to the front of the chassis.
I would like to do this work myself, so therefore thought that the best option would be to submit a SORN, and keep the Landy in my drive for a while.

However, I have two other cars, and would prefer them in the drive and to keep the Landy on the road, as it acts as a "barrier" to any errant motorists, and if I had to choose between the three cars, that would be the one I would prefer to get damaged.

So, is there anyway I can keep a non-MOT'ed vehicle on the public highway legally?
Is there any way to get it taxed without an MOT?
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Pugugly {P}
No. I would get it shifited pronto - in case your LA have a policy on Abandoned cars. As far as some LAs are concerned no tax on a vehicle of a "certain age" = and abandoned car. What they may do is get it shifted to a pound before scrapping it. On the other hand DVLA might come along on one of their Operation Cubitt blitz and just scrap it without reference to you.
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - king arthur
If it's not taxed, you cannot park it on the road, simple as that.
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Rob C
I have to admit, to the un-informed, it would look like an abandoned vehicle.
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Pugugly {P}
I formed an opinion based on the general scruffiness of my much loved Defender.
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - sean
A vehicle without MoT may be cescribed as unroadworthy.

If someone accidentally drove into it, they might argue that it was a hazard, illegally parked, and sue you.

Very dodgy area.

You are only allowed to keep or use it on the road whilst travelling to or from a pre-arranged MoT test
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Rob C
Then listen quietly, and hear the sound of three cars dancing around two driveway spaces.
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - leatherpatches
I can't believe that thing about driving to a pre-arranged MOT. Surely without MOT the vehicle is not roadworthy and hence uninsured. Driving without insurance is a criminal offence. Anyone care to elaborate?
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Doc
From the DVLA site:

Driving or keeping a vehicle on a road without a vehicle licence

All vehicles driven, parked or even left unused on a public road must be licensed. If it is not you may be fined as well as having to pay an additional penalty. Vehicles that are unlicensed and parked on the public road can be wheelclamped.

There are two separate offences: not displaying a current licence and using or keeping a vehicle on a public road without a current vehicle licence.

There is one exception, an unlicensed vehicle, provided it is insured, may be driven to and from a testing station for a pre-booked compulsory MOT test.

In law there is no 14 day period of grace. If a vehicle is used or kept on a public road it MUST be properly licensed.

Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Dynamic Dave
Providing the vehicle is so many inches off the ground (six or eight I think?) then it *can* be left on the road (SORN applies of course). ie, on a car trailer - similar to what banger racers use to transport their cars to and from the banger track with. You only have to look around some of the housing estates in certain areas to see cars left like this either on the side of the road, or in their drives all the time.
Failed MOT and no Tax Disc - Pugugly {P}
I would tend to support the trailer bit. Be very careful it could become a very technical. I honestly do not like taking the DVLA on these days (I have and won in the past) they have a very slick legal dept.

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