Lost Questions? - Cliff Pope
A week ago someone asked about tips on freeing a bike seat pillar. Now the thread seems to have vanished. I looked through 'I have a Question' but gave up trying to plough through it all.
It seems to me it would be better if questions were kept separate rather than just tipped into the 'IHAQ' pot and lost.
I quite understand it was not a motoring question therefore perhaps here on sufferance anyway.
Lost Questions? - Mark (RLBS)
quite understand it was not a motoring question therefore perhaps here on sufferance anyway.

Exactly. The IHAQ thread is a concession, and in many way an advantage. However this is a Motoring site. If the search engine was better then life would be esaier, but sadly its not.

As a tip, you will find things pretty easy to find if you go into threaded view rather than flat view, which allows you to scan all the titles.

And that particular one is in the IHAQ thread.
Lost Questions? - Dynamic Dave
1. Enter into the search window I have a question bicycle
2. The thread you\'re looking for is the first one in the list, so click on it.
3. Change view to flat and scan down looking for the \"tight stem\" post.
4. to save you the bother, it is here.

Although as Mark says the search engine isn\'t perfect, it can still find what you\'re looking for eventually.
Lost Questions? - eMBe {P}
Mark(RLBS) - I do admire your patience with all the whingeing that comes up over and over again about the same subjects, considering that you & HJ are providing a free service to all the "customers" on this site.
However, you may wish to lock or delete this thread before it degenerates in to another rant about moderation from people who hate it all so much but keep coming back for more.
Lost Questions? - Cliff Pope
I wasn't whinging, and I do hope you didn't think I was Mark. I was just asking, and as I said I do appreciate that this is a motoring site, so questions on anything else are accepted as concessions.
With many thanks.
Lost Questions? - glowplug
Have a look at this site, loads of good articles.


Good luck.


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