De - Waxing a car - BobbyG
I usually wash the car with Autoglyms wax and then polish it with their Super Resin Polish. However, I now want to go one stage further and finish it off with their Extra Gloss Protection which I have seen many positive threads on.

However, before I do this, I want to make sure I have removed all tar, beasties etc as I don't want to seal them in to the gloss protection?

What is the best product to basically remove these? I assume that this will involve removing the layers of polish that I have put on the car over the months as well? Should I then put in some layers of Resin Polish before using the gloss? Or is there no such thing as "layers" of polish?

De - Waxing a car - Vansboy
Even if you go for Autoglym, check on here, Tips/Myths/Lies section, at least!
Looks good to me!!

De - Waxing a car - Mondaywoe
I haven't tried this on my new C5, but often on the old Xantia, I gave it a good dose of white spirit. It lifts the tar and muck off a treat. Then polish to your heart's content.

Now I'm just waiting for someone to come along and hold their hands up in horror! They are probably right too - maybe doesn't do the finish any good in the long run.

Anybody got any ideas??

De - Waxing a car - Dynamic Dave
I gave it a good dose of white spirit.
Now I'm just waiting for someone to come along and hold
their hands up in horror!

Not me. That's how I also remove tar build up, especially along the lower sides of the doors and sills. If no white spirit available, petrol does the job just as amicably. Then I finish off with an aplication of Mer polish.
De - Waxing a car - steveb
After thoroughly washing, using the super resin polish (or any polish for that matter) will clear most spots - works a treat on front numberplates which get covered in flies/c**p etc. If I remember correctly it has a very slight cutting action anyway (?).

I can't think of any reason why you would wish to remove a pre-existing layer of polish.

The extra gloss protection works very well subsequently and give you good protection for up to 6 months.

De - Waxing a car - BobbyG
I was only thinking of moving existing wax layers if there was actually tar, etc under them, and to get to them I might need to strip the wax off?
De - Waxing a car - PhilW
I have used Turtle Wax "Bug and Tar remover" and it does what it says on the sprayer. It also puts a good wax coat on, though I use the Autoglym products afterwards. If left for a few minutes it seems to soften the tar so it wipes off (though it probably because it just contains a bit of white spirit as mentioned above!!)

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