Perodua Nippa - clariman
A V plater was advertised on our works intranet today for £2250.

Not sure it is good value, but it was described as "looking like a Toyota Yaris".

To Mr Magoo maybe .....

Perodua Nippa - DavidHM
I guess that explains why people buy them... they must genuinely believe them to be the equal of cars like the Yaris. At three years old, that car has lost £2750 from new I believe. How much is a three year old Yaris 1.0 GS worth compared to a new one? So much for cheap motoring!
Perodua Nippa - Rob the Bus
I think even Mr Magoo would struggle to see the similarity between a Perouda Nippa and a Toyota Yaris!

Although a friend has a Perouda (all 850cc of it) and drives regularly on the motorway in it. She says it's quite acceptable on the motorway. I think she's lying......

Her daughter goes to the same school as mine and when it's picking up time she brings her car. I tell you, there's not many cars that can be dwarfed by a Suzuki Wagon-R, but a Perouda Nippa is one of them!!

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