Flat battery car-start devices - Cambridge
Anyone had any experience with those battery boost things that give you a jump start. I think you charge them up from the mains and then use them if you have a flat battery.

Which is the best to buy?
Where is the best place to buy them from?

Flat battery car-start devices - frostbite
Had one for a couple of years now and wouldn't be without it. It charges from mains, usually 8-12 hours depending on use and can also be charged from lighter socket.

I paid around £24 for mine and you can get them for £20-50 (for the same thing) depending on where you shop, Makro were selling for <£20 a few weeks ago,
Flat battery car-start devices - Cambridge
Thanks for the tip.
Flat battery car-start devices - LHM
I remember being quite impressed when an AA guy starting my car with a battery the size of a house brick, with meaty leads attached. I think there may be different output capabilities of these 'gel cell' batteries, which might account for the wide price range.

If it's just a 'lights on' flat, and the car's otherwise in good nick, then they're easily capable of an initial start.
Flat battery car-start devices - Marcos{P}
My freind left the lights on in his Vito van and his neighbour kindly came out to jump start it using one of these devices. He was going on and on about how invaluable it was and then it began to smoke heavily and melted.
He'd had a problem with it before and had bypassed the thermal overload and the main fuse and it obviously wasn't much good on a diesel engine cos it caught fire.

How we laughed.
Flat battery car-start devices - Gen
Invest in an expensive pair of jump leads, can't beat a jump start from a running car. Most of us are rarely away from other cars/people so often. Still, if you are willing to spend enough the jump start packs are pretty effective...only used one once, which i walked half a mile to borrow from my mechanic! Don't go for a 14.99£ 6AA batteries pack, get a decent one that'll blow your tyres up and has a light to change your wheel with too. At least you'll use it for something.
Flat battery car-start devices - Gen
And I'll bet the AA guy would have pulled a big lorry starting battery if the brick hadn't worked...he's just saving his back...
Flat battery car-start devices - frostbite
Just for the record, my pack is about the size (and weight) of six housebricks and has a small light, test button and meter on the front panel.

It is mainly used to give a laid-up Transit a regular monthly run, and does so admirably.

Whilst I think of it, anyone want to buy an ice-cream van?

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