omega problems? I'm not sure! - scooby-doo
Hello to you all, I hope you can help me......

Does anyone have an OMEGA 2.5 TURBO DIESEL AUTOMATIC and if so can you tell me if the problem Im having occurs with your car, the reason I ask is one person tells me its right, and another tells me its wrong... Ahhhhhhhhhh !

THE PROBLEM - when driving at all various speeds the car handles a treat until you take your foot off of the accelerator, then the rev counter immediatley drops back down to idle speed (around 700 rpm) and there appears to be no engine braking at all, Down hills especially with foot covering brake pedal it feels like car is in "n" position and coasting.
(there is no pulling back from the engine, like clutch is depressed)
When travelling on a flat road at about 50 mph I took my foot off the accelerator and down went the needle to 700 rpm then replace foot and needle returns to previous position with no apprent loss of power ????

Any idea's please....

omega problems? I'm not sure! - Dynamic Dave

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