lean and pinking toyota - esky365
When the car reaches normal operating temperature it begins to run lean and pinks very loudly. The temperature does not rise but the pinking gets worse, so bad that the car will not tick
over and can even cut out between gear changes if I am a little slow changing up or down.

While the car is getting to normal operating temperature it runs perfectly, except when the auto choke is operating, then it will rev up and down, reaching 2500rpm, from a normal choke
peak of about 1800rpm. A while after the pinking starts the light depicting an electrical fault appears although this can fade if I am very gentle on the accelerator, but will come on
again later.

The fault started after a medium run when I got a leak in the oil cooler, this caused the engine to overheat and the pinking started, fortunately I was able to top up the engine oil
before the oil level dropped below the minimum mark on the dipstick. The car continued to pink and overheat on the way home so much stopping and starting was required. I have now removed the oil cooler from the circuit and am waiting for a new one to arrive, but the car continues to run lean and this is despite the temperature not rising past normal.

The car is a 1995 1600cc 16 valve Carina e GSi, it is not thrashed and most of my driving is in town but it gets a good run once per week.

The car ran fine before the oil leak and there were no electrical connections on the oil cooler. I cant understand why the car is having this lean running problem and the electrical
fault light is showing, any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

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