Heated/Electric Mirrors - charlie_boy
My 'demic' Astra 1993 1.7TD GLS heated and electric mirros do not work via the control. My way of thinking is that the propability of the both motors plus heaters packng in at the same time is pretty remote.

Therfore I have been looking at the fuses, and cannot locate one for the electric mechanism for the mirrors. The heated mirrors I can find (via the fuse illustration on the compartment), which looks like a huge rectangluar block (a relay?) above the fuses. How can you remove them? The cover (it has Lucas on it) came off in my hand with the electric gubbins still attached to the board. Can you buy replacements of these and if so, how much? What are they actually.

Please help.
Heated/Electric Mirrors - Andrew-T
Isn't it likely to be a wiring failure in the flex-joint between door and A-pillar? Are the controls in the door or the centre console?
Heated/Electric Mirrors - charlie_boy
On the door. How can I check that the wire is faulty. I do posess a multimeter.!!
Heated/Electric Mirrors - Altea Ego
Ok charlie boy, you have pulled the protective cover off the relay and left the relay works plugged into the board. YOu may or may not have damaged the relay in doing so.

Heated/Electric Mirrors - Deryck Tintagel
The fuse for the heaters I would guess comes from the same - I'll have a look at my Vectra wiring for this one. I would guess that the relay should still work even though the lid is off but you should be able to get another from Halfords or similar for a few quid. I think that this will only control the heaters though and should be controlled by the heated screen switch

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