Corsa Mass Flow Sensor - FFX-DM
My friend has one of those funny little 3-cylinder Corsas and his mass flow sensor has gone. The garage want loadsa money to replace it. Are they fixable? I would assume that they work on some kind of hot wire principal, so perhaps a good clean up could cure. He has located said item and looked at it but got confused by the number of wires coming from it. Can anybody shed any light on it's wiring and correct functioning? Is this the sort of thing that one is likely to be able to get a reasonable replacement from a scrappy for? Thanks!
Corsa Mass Flow Sensor - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
This is either a hot wire or thick film device. If it has failed i.e no output then it will need to be replaced £110-£130 from GM.These items cannot be repaired but if a hot wire device try cleaning the wires by gently spraying with carb cleaner. DON'T TOUCH THE WIRES!! Try AutoVaux, they are usually cheaper.

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