Gearbox or clutch problem? - Plantman
I've got a '92 escort RS2000,(121k miles) and I have had trouble engaging gears. The worse gears were first, second and reverse.

After spending far too much time with it like that I had the clutch changed. Cost £250!

When the car is hot the gears seem almost perfect yet first thing when the car is used the gears are still notchy and difficault to engage. Back to the garage for a refund? :)

Also when I 'boot' it in first and change into second it will still sometimes crunch gears. Why would that occur?

Many thanks all.

Gearbox or clutch problem? - madf
Difficulty changing gear when starting from cold usually means an oil problem. Change the oil to a synthetic of the correct grade (SAE 80?).

Hss the gearbox oil ever been changed at 121k miles? :-)

Gearbox or clutch problem? - Plantman
Yup I've had the gearbox oil changed before the clutch by vospers which made a huge difference to a then very difficault gear change.

Does seem to be for the first few mins when the car is cold. As soon as I've done a mile things loosen up and its sorted.

Would be nice to just sort this issue tho.


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