Intermittent ABS fault - GGH
Further to Peter D thread of 2Aug02, I also have a 1995 VW golf GTI 8v with an intermittent ABS problem. I purchased the car at 3 years old having been previously run by an office colleague as a lease company car.The problem will only manifist itself in one way.
The ABS warning lamp illuminates after driving for 40 minutes for no apparent reason and at the same time the ABS pump starts running. This seems to happen when the brakes are not being operated.
Turning the ignition off and waiting a few minutes (the longer the better) and then back on will sometimes reset the unit and turn the pump and light off.The fault returns within 5 minutes. It will never reset itself if you continue driving.
The car has had this fault from new and the VW agents have been unable to find the fault or find anything in the memory. The problem is the fault is getting worse, it used to be once a month but it is now every trip.

Peter D how did you get on, what did you find out?
Intermittent ABS fault - Peter D
Hi, This is a colleagues car but initially the fault was traced to a loose ABS insertion ring in one of the front discs and this was changed. All was well for several weeks when on came the light and the pumping started again. Another day in the VW specialist garage for no fault found. It still appears to be linked to wet weather so is doing it less now. The only fault message has pointed to a mechanical fault, all sensors AOK. Regards Peter
Intermittent ABS fault - Peter D
Interesting same car, same model same year 95/96. MAy be worth giving VW technical a call, number on Web site. Peter

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