Bullying Fiat into a fix - number67
I read further down where someone said - go into the Fiat Showroom and bang on the counter - here's what I did.

Fiat Seicento - 2 years old - paint bubbling around trim on sunroof. Fiat dealer says 'not our problem' - the paintwork warranty only covers 'body-panels' - and anyway even if it were to be done (which it won't) the Fiat Warranty fella has to come along and ok it (which he won't). So I insist that this man from Fiat sees the car and book an appointment for when he next visits.

Go home and check small print of warranty - which does indeed say body panels - what a cop out!

Phone trading standards for advice - they say that my contract is with the dealer and they agree that a 2 year old car should not be showing such signs of corrosion. They advise to ask again and if nothing can be agreed I should write to the Dealer Principal stating that you will give them 28 days to rectify the problem or Trading Standards will become further involved.

Go to see Fiat warranty man - he does indeed say no. So then I turn on the Dealer's service manager, and tell him nevermind my contract is with you anyway so you sort it - he says he won't -- I say yes you will and I'm going to write this letter - write your s**ding letter he says...

So I did and a week later the same gentlemen phones and books the car in - it now has a whole new sunroof asssembly (and it was only a few bubbles on a bit of trim).
Bullying Fiat into a fix - terryb
Well done 67. Good result.

The bottom line is Fiat can afford it more than you can!

Bullying Fiat into a fix - marty lad
Fiat i would say are the most complained modern car company. Stay with the japs!
Bullying Fiat into a fix - number67
It's the 'Sporting' model - wife's car bought for £5950 brand new. It's now almost 3 years old and apart from the sunroof it's been fault free (so far!). The only thing that bothers me when I drive it - apart from seeing all those mums in X5's with their bumpers at the same height as my head - is that you have to select reverse nice and slow with the clutch flat on the floor (or graunchhh). I think I'll just carry on being careful for now and hope it never gets worse.

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