Convertible mechanism hood repair - ShereKhan

On my 306 convertible.I have managed to break off a metal bar on my mechanism for the convertible hood. The bar could possibly rewelded back but would require removing the hood.

It seems an easy enough job to remove the hood but I would rather trust it to a professional. Does anyone know of a convertible specialist who would be able to repair the mechanism? I also have the option to source a replacement mechanism cheaply. However fitting it is the problem. Once again I would prefer a professional did the job rather than Peugeot. I don't think they would know what they were doing + I dont trust them to do it right!

Convertible mechanism hood repair - Dynamic Dave
Have you checked the "Directories" link in the red menu to the left? Several covertable hood specialists are mentioned in the "useful websites" link.
Convertible mechanism hood repair - ShereKhan
Sorry didn't check that first - doh!

I've had look at the "directories" I can't seem to see the link that you are referring to. I can only find Autohoods, they only seem to supply and fit new hoods. I don't need a new hood. I just need somebody who can remove the hood for me and weld the bit is broken or replace it from other hood mechanism I can source. Any chance you can you please point me to the link you are referring to.

Convertible mechanism hood repair - Dynamic Dave
From the Useful websites directory:-

Convertible hoods advice site:

Convertible replacement hoods:

Not sure either of these are any help or not; one is an advice site, the other replaces hoods, so one would assume that they could advise on how you go about removing the hood (or do it for you), but you might have to try elsewhere for the welding to be carried out. They might also be able to give you other contact names within the trade.
Convertible mechanism hood repair - Vansboy
If you're anywhere near me, Herts/Beds, try A.R. Pound,Baldock, 01462 892704.Talk to Fred.
They do seat/interior retrims too.
Convertible mechanism hood repair - ShereKhan
Thanks for that.

Unfortunately I spend most of my time around Manchester & Bristol. I did manage to find a retrim place in Manchester but he can't do the job until 2nd week of July! :(

He quoted me £120 to do the job.

So I am still on the look out.

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