what to buy? - dafc
I have 10,000-12,000 to spend. I'm confused and need direction. What to buy? Saab 9-3 convertible; Audi convertible; Audi 1.8T; Lexus IS 200; BMW in price range? I drive 15,000 mls/yr on A roads - few overtaking opportunities (need a car thats quick off the mark). Any suggestions?
what to buy? - Andrew-T
Worst time of year to look for soft-tops, especially with the recent fine spell ..
what to buy? - Vansboy
2 weeks ago, Blackbushe Auction, £10500 would have bought 40,000mls Saab in yellow,leather,no alloys,direct Hertz (daily rental?)VERY level car.Bet you wouldn't find another.
Plenty is200's around at this price, too.Harder to find sensible miles, though.Many V plate have 90,000+ & not taking to kindly to it.Bonnets that look like they've been on machine gun, target practice.

what to buy? - Shortwing Rob
Have you owned a convertible before?

I've had two, and frankly I wouldn't touch one again.

Anything over forty mph and the wind noise and buffetting make driving an extremely tiring experience (Unless you wind-up all the windows, put up an anti-buffet screen behind you and generally behave like you have a car with a sun-roof.)

Leaving it in non-secure areas and wondering if the hood will have been slashed.

They alway leak. Always. Not when new, but it doesn't take long to find the damp bit of carpet.

Have you noticed the extremely high correlation between male-pattern baldness and convertible ownership? Odd that.

what to buy? - FergusTheDog
Try the new A4 cabrio, you do need the buffet screen but no leaks, very quiet and very little shaking - hood up or down.

And I have a full head of hair, even if it is mostly grey.
what to buy? - El Hacko
if you want "quick off the mark", suggest you forget Lexus 200: superb car in so many ways, but not for performance.

El Hacko
what to buy? - peterb
My IS200 accelerates well at high revs.

Nevertheless, based on the criteria you give, wouldn't an Accord Type R fit the bill best?
what to buy? - Crombster
Volvo S60 2.4T or T5. Bags of performance and good looks!
what to buy? - martin
Audi 5 no? My father in laws just brought himself a new one, riddiculously expensive, but i have to say the build and perfromance are pretty good. The TDI's got some poke to it with the bhp you can opt for at the higher range of things. Nice leather interior also and the Audi cd player and charger sounded good too.

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