Fiesta Cambelt - slefLX
I'm not in the least mechanically minded so apologies if this sounds like a really stupid couple of questions.

Firstly, am I right in assuming that this commonly used term "cambelt" is in fact a shortened way of saying "Camshaft Drive Belt"? (As found in my service guide)

Secondly, is replacing this (whatever it's called) a specialist Ford job or can I expect my local backstreet garage to be able to do a competent (and more than likely, cheaper) job of it?

The car is a 1998 Fiesta LX 1.25 with a Zetec engine.
Fiesta Cambelt - lauriew
Hello slefLX. Yes you are correct re "cambelt". And yes you can have it done at independent workshops. My advice, though, would be to ensure that they use genuine Ford parts and replace the tensioner and lockbolts as well. Our local Ford garage sells a "kit" incorporating everything required, matched to the appropriate engine.
Fiesta Cambelt - smokie
My local man has no objection to me buying the parts for him to fit...
Fiesta Cambelt - Blue {P}
If he's confident that he can do it then it should be fine. Can't see why Ford should have to do it...

Fiesta Cambelt - slefLX
Thanks for the info supplied so far. One other thing, how do I know if I've got a cambelt with auto tensioner or without? Without auto tensioner says it should be changed every 5 years or 80,000 miles and with auto tensioner says every 10 years or 100,000 miles.

I've looked through the manual and service guide but can't seem to find it. Is there some other technical term I should be looking for? Or is there a really easy or obvious way I can tell by looking under the bonnet for example?
Fiesta Cambelt - Greenparrot
Hello slefLX

Quote the chassis number given on your log book to any Ford dealer and they will be able to tell you the design fitted to your engine & quote cost of part & labour (if required).
Fiesta Cambelt - henry k
If you visit the Ford site. Input your reg or VIN and it will identify your Fiesta. You can select any of their dealers and then often get their instant quote for cambelt replacement.
Prices may vary from dealer to dealer so if you decide on Ford a visit to the right dealer may save ££££s
It at least gives you a formal price to start from and you have not communicated with any dealer.

The site will also quote servicing charges.
My Focus 3year/30K major service varied in cost from £220 to £145. It even varied between sites of the same chain.
Fiesta Cambelt - slefLX
Thanks henry, I did that, and assuming cambelt = timing belt I got pretty similar prices of £165, £151,68 and £149 from all of the dealers I could feasibly get to but they were all more than I was hoping for. Funnily enough it was those closest to me that gave the cheapest prices for cambelt change but I put 3 things in and the prices varied again for the others.

I think I'll give Rapit Fit and my usual garage a ring on Tuesday to see what they come up with.
Fiesta Cambelt - pmh
What area of the country are these quotes from?

Sounds a little too cheap for home counties south!

pmh (was peter)
Fiesta Cambelt - henry k
My previous posting re Focus 3yr service charges was for dealers in London and south of London. Out of curiosity I did a few random checks around the country and found NONE matched what I paid.
I was very surprised that an easy 100mile round trip saved £70 less petrol. I agreed a time to book it in so I had lunch and a tourist wander. I seem to recall a cambelt job for the Focus was £200 at same dealers though not much difference in costs between any of of the main dealers.
Fiesta Cambelt - pmh
If dealers provide as good a service as the Ford web site it would be wonderful.

Quotes,for the same cambelt job on a Zetec 1.25 and all within a 15 min drive, are 134, 165 and 203!

pmh (was peter)
Fiesta Cambelt - slefLX
I'm based in Liverpool and I only got quotes as far as just over the lancashire border but can't remember exactly which one it was. As I said I'm going to ring Rapid Fit tomorrow as I've heard they're supposed to be equal to the Ford dealers in quality but much cheaper.
Fiesta Cambelt - John Allen
Can you give me the URL for this site? does not seem to have a link.

John Allen
Fiesta Cambelt - DavidHM
I don't know if this will work - I suspect not. Go here
Otherwise , Finance and Services (middle of the screen just above the pic), Service and Repair from the drop down menu, Online Service Booking (second option from the list), and then Ford Service Online (bottom right of the text)
Fiesta Cambelt - DavidHM
Just used the site for my parents' Focus and priced up differences for the nightmare pre-disposal service that's still 30 months away - new timing belt, a/c check and 4 year/50k.

Timing belt quotes varied from about £150 to £200, as you'd expect them to. Servicing varied between £99 and £170 - more variation but labour tends to be more expensive in London.

However the a/c check that I added varied between £17 and £170 (!) Most in London were very cheap, and in Wales prices were consistently around £80. I don't know what this difference means but it'd be interesting to see what happened if you booked the car in for a £16 a/c check.

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