why don't my lights work? - martin
Hi all,

another demand for B-room expertise. I have changed the front lights on my Passat as I am about to matriculate the car in france and was required to get continental lights for driving on the right. However, they do not work, that is the bulbs are fine but there is no effect on any of the lights settings (beam, full beam, half beam). I wired them in the same way as the english lights were wired, but no luck. What could be the problem? Fuses? I will look now, but i think not!

many thanks

why don't my lights work? - Altea Ego
Missing earth? There may be earth straps to the lights you have missed off, or earthing screws (ie screws with star washers under)..Cut a bit of wire and try earthing the bulb holder body while turned on.

(for earth read return)
why don't my lights work? - glowplug
Well I guess the first thing is to test the connectors with a volt meter to be sure that you've got power there. Are you sure that the connections on the bulbs are really the same - is the same pin still used for earth etc.

why don't my lights work? - pmh
Did you need to change the units?

Down here entre Bezier-Montpellier, Black tape is an acceptable solution for CT! It maybe centre dependent, but certainly 2 local CT have no problem.

The other interesting thing is that in the UK Black tape is an acceptable solution for MOT purposes provided beam pattern is ok.

Did you have to change rear high intensity/reverse lights? or is the Passat symmetrical?

PS if you are here in 34 email me and I will sort out the lights for you.
pmh (was peter)
why don't my lights work? - martin
thanks everyone.

Pmh, what gets me is that my British lights work fine, no probs at all. But the new ones do not have the bulb mountings or anything, so there are wiring complications, that's for sure.

I am in 38, grenoble that is. My CT garage told me that the black tape was not ok, i suppose i could try another garage for the CT though. This whole issue is a ngithmare to be honest. I have spent 210euros on lights that a) are not wired like my old ones, b)do not fit well into the car anyway, they seem to be slightly bigger, c) are a waste if i can find a garage that will accept black tape as a CT pass for the light beams.

**Did you have to change rear high intensity/reverse lights? or **is the Passat symmetrical?

i do not know, i think the Passat is symmetrical?????

Shall i try another CT with black tape on the lights????
Or would this be a waste of 50euros?
why don't my lights work? - pmh
I am surprised that you have problems finding correct fitting lights for a Passat. Have you poked around any breakers yards, just as an education if nothing else?

Round here it is easy to find 'pieces detachee', 3 within 15 mins without looking, altho I think finding a whole car is probably preferable if your language skills are limited.

I dont know of the French web site for CT rules and interpretation but I will poke around and see if I can find it.

Can you find a small one man local garage who is well connected in the trade, this may be the route to a a pass!

pmh (was peter)


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