Skoda Superb - Second Hand - Mike Sammon
I’m looking for a second hand large family car. I don’t do a lot of miles, it’s mostly for driving away on weekends. Some long trips but no commuting. I do less than 10,000 miles per year.
Currently I have a Nissan Almera Tino automatic that I really like but probably needs a new timing chain so likely to be getting rid. Let’s say budget 8 grand. What do you think of this? Could be a money pit with DSG and a timing chain as heard of problems with both of these? Or wouldn’t it put you off buying it? (If you’re an automatic person).

Doesn’t have to be a superb but the Tino has a massive boot and my wife doesn’t like the look of estates.
Anything else? Not really after another mpv. We only have one child, it’s just the drives away why we end up filling the boot.

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Skoda Superb - Second Hand - oldroverboy.

If you have heard of the problems, don't buy it!

Find a car for 8000 with a TC box.

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Skoda Superb - Second Hand - Mike Sammon
I’ll have a look at those suggestions thanks.
Also been looking at Avensis hatchbacks but they’re pretty rare
Skoda Superb - Second Hand - badbusdriver

You currently drive a nissan almera tino but your wife doesn't like the look of an estate?!, you jest surely?. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but even so, the kindest thing i could say of the tino is that it looks, 'a little akward'!.

£6k is not a huge budget so i really think your priority should be getting a vehicle which is going to be reliable and fit your requirements.

Assuming it has to be an auto, i'd be looking to steer clear of anything with an automated dual or single clutch manual (which of covers pretty much all VAG products including the superb). This of course does not leave an awful lot of options, even if you were to consider an estate. The only thing i have seen which could fit the bill, and could be considered a safe bet reliability wise is the mazda 6. There are a few available on autotrader, the youngest of which are a couple of 2010 hatchbacks with around 70k miles, here is one

You may also want to consider a toyota RAV4, though you'd be looking at something older and higher miles. They are very reliable though, so that shouldn't be a problem. Here is a 2009 81k example.

Skoda Superb - Second Hand - Mike Sammon
Thanks, I might spend more if I get something on finance. There are lots of Avensis hatchbacks for well within this budget but they’re getting on now. It doesn’t have to be auto but I have loved having an auto, we go on long drives too and probably to France later this year. I drive a van around town all week and it’s nice to have the auto on a weekend lol. I’d say the absolute essentials are petrol, a big boot like and plenty of space. Like those large hatchbacks. I’d have to check out the standard Avensis and Accord, see if they’re big enough without a hatchback. Their cvt auto boxes get good reviews? Definitely the Avensis post 2009 anyway. The Tino was a first car by the way, we were just happy to have a car at the time and it’s top spec, auto gearbox, reversing camera, climate control the lot. So we did like it!
Skoda Superb - Second Hand - SLO76
If it were my money and choice to make I’d have the Honda Accord 2.0 at the top of my list. Not easy to come by but you’ll probably never need another car. The chain driven TSi motor and DSG box in the Superb are a ticking time bomb that’ll almost certainly sting you at some point, if you can’t substantially up the budget to fund a later model and live with a manual box I’d leave the big Skoda. Auto Trader:

If money could be found for it I’d also be sorely tempted by a current model Mazda 6 2.0 Skyactiv which is a genuinely lovely big car in every way. The older gen is a good budget option as values are plummeting as they age but don’t expect to get much for it when you’re done. The big Honda will always be sellable, even more so if you go for the rather attractive Estate.
Auto Trader:

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Skoda Superb - Second Hand - Mike Sammon
Great, definitely looking at Mazda 6’s now and Accords again. I was looking at Accords last year and had my heart set on one but since reading about the Skoda Superb I forgot about them and decided I wanted a hatchback. Their estates look alright though.

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Skoda Superb - Second Hand - gordonbennet

Avensis Tourer worth investigating it's an estate but if anything is a neater design than the saloon which is rather ungainly, but remember Avensis 09 on have been hobbled with an electric parking brake (mostly automatic operation), it appears to be more reliable than some others but might be something you don't want, i don't.

If you want to operate the parking brake manually the switch is in the most stupid place ever, just randomly plonked in the middle of the dash and also it works backwards to almost all parking brakes, push to put the brake on pull to i haven't a clue what they were drinking at the time either.

Weirdly Volvo lorries have the electric parking brake (why they thought this a good idea i haven't the foggiest idea) switch in a similar 'Lord only knows why' spot in the middle of the dash.

Skoda Superb - Second Hand - focussed

"Weirdly Volvo lorries have the electric parking brake (why they thought this a good idea i haven't the foggiest idea) switch in a similar 'Lord only knows why' spot in the middle of the dash"

It must be down to all the pickled herring they eat, and the Aquavit!

Skoda Superb - Second Hand - Mike Sammon
After chatting to wife again we can’t go for a small boot especially as we plan another’s baby next year. Looking at Honda and Toyota estates now. She’s come round to estates as long as it doesn’t look like a hursk
Skoda Superb - Second Hand - expat

Once you have had an estate you won't want anything else again. They are just so handy especially when you have a young family.

Skoda Superb - Second Hand - Simon855

I ran an Accord estate for 3 years and 30,000 miles from 2010-2013.

It was great, I had no issues apart from front tyre wear (I had to change tyres on the front once a year).

Fuel consumption wasn't brilliant but I had the automatic diesel and like to make progress..

The boot is a bit of a wierd shape as the rear suspension turrets intrude but in reality we never struggled for space, even with two children and their associated clutter.

I'd have another but of course Honda discontinued the Accord here.

I'm now on a Volvo V60 which is even better...


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