Mini Specifications?Reviews(not BMW) - StevenM
I've seached high and low on the Web for reviews and specifications for the old original Mini,but can only find limited information.
I've tried all the usual sites,but most seem concerned only with the latest cars.Even the special club sites do not appear to have such information.
Duing the last few years of production there seemed to be a multitude of special editions,but it is hard trying to find detailed information on them.
Also it would appear the last Cooper models were slower than the previous ones and only as quick as the basic model.
I would appreciate any help as far as personal knowledge or websites are concerned.
Mini Specifications?Reviews(not BMW) - DenisO
I've had the same problem finding websites for the Classic Mini. It amazes me, with so many enthusiasts still out there that we don't see more internet stuff. Buying the 2 Main Mini Magazines will give you more than enough info on all the special editions that were made.
Amongst the best was the Mini 30 made in 1989. 1000 ccc lump with nice paint, Black or Cranberry, alloys and half leather. Cheap insurance too for a young driver.
The reason why the later Coopers are down on power is all the Bunny Hugging legislation which squeezed out horsepower so the things would emit something that smells of roses. That and the increased weight of safety equipment and all the plumbing etc that goes with fuel injection.
Mini Specifications?Reviews(not BMW) - StevenM
Thanks for that Denis-you can find more info on the web on the Bmw version-a disgrace when youn consider the Classic lasted 40 years, which I'm certain the BMW version will not.
Mini Specifications?Reviews(not BMW) - Altea Ego
>Classic lasted 40 years, which I'm certain the BMW version will not.

Here here. I am not knocking the BMW mini. It is a clever piece of marketing and style but has several major flaws. For a car of its size, it has a shocking waste of space inside. The use of styling lines from the old mini has been very well done, yet some proportions do not look quite right, the roof line a tad too low, the wheels a tad too big. Its a nice fun car.
And in truth, neither was the later versions that ran off the production lines.
The original mini, was design genius, pure and simple. The doors for example, no window winding gubbins, the string door handle, and huge door bins. The seats, back and front, space underneath for small cases. The space saving cone suspension, the boot lid with its hang down number plate so you could load up a lowered boot lid. Transverse FWD with gearbox in sump. Four people and their baggage, in a car that small, that handled that well, for that price, and those running costs. This was truly motoring history of Model T proportions. Ground breaking, and as yet never really matched in its influence on car design.

the car was slowly destroyed over its years, the bigger wheels, wind up windows, etc etc.

The new Mini, is just another (good looking) car.
Mini Specifications?Reviews(not BMW) - Doc
Have you tried:

It is a good site; well worth a look.
Mini Specifications?Reviews(not BMW) - StevenM
Thanks Doc-just had a quick look and appears to be an excellent site,just what I am looking for.


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