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Where to start,

3 weeks ago my 1.6 diesel focus TDCI went in to limp mode... took it to the garage and codes read DPF filter, i had i chemically flushed and all was well. yesterday went into limp mode again displaying Engine systems fault, so back to the garage. the mechanic who i know is very experienced and trustworthy ran another diagnostic this time dpf, power steering, battery and alternator codes have came up, he has check these faults and they are all fine, he seems to think this could be a software problem or a wiring issue, i told him i did not want to spent hundreds on this car valuved at £1000 so he advised me to fined a mechanic who will fiddle around with the software and maybe to BLOCK the codes from coming up and sending it into limp mode.

and thoughts and advice would be much appreciated


ford focus diesel tdci - focus help - hardway

Never heard of blocking codes!

And you don't state the cars year so it might/might not be a smart charge alternator system,

Though I suspect it is.

And if it is the charging system malfunctioning can cause a boat load of "apparent" fault codes.


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