Alfa Spider 3.0 - rhomboid
I'm thinking of buying one of these new (..& cheap) but am interested in hearing whether they are as unreliable now as they were at launch. Anyone any tales to tell?

FWIW the alternative is a C70 Cabriolet (chalk'n'cheese) as I can't bring myself to buy any of the mainstream german offerings.

Any help gratefully received.

Alfa Spider 3.0 - T Lucas
Does the Alfa have a plastic rear screen?
Alfa Spider 3.0 - PR {P}
Try , many opinions on Alfas there!
Alfa Spider 3.0 - Collos25
I had a 166 with the same motor build quality Zero and does about 18 if you are lucky .Superb to drive though,have C5 diesel now boring but pratical.

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