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Re: Ford Fiesta 1.3 EFI (Endura)

I am going to get an oil change in a couple of hours, but the people at Kwik Fit have thrown me. My problem is as follows:

When I had my "Major" service at Ford last June, they did an oil change an used 5W30. Ever since then I have changed my own oil every 10k miles with Castrol Magnetec 5W30. Since that time has come again I find myself with little time to do it myself, so decided to phone Kwik Fit. They offered me the Mobil £26 oil and filter change, but said I should not use 5W30 since it is for zetec engines which clearly my is not. He said I should use 0W40.

Since I have used 5W30 for such a long time, has it done my engine any harm? Will putting 0W40 in suddenly cause a problem?

Any advice appreciated

5W30 or 0W40? - DavidHM
I'm almost certain that Kwik Fit is wrong, but check the handbook to be doubly sure. My parents had a 1.3 engined (Endura) Fiesta for nearly 5 years and 65k and it used virtually nothing but 5W30, running perfectly.

The only time it ever ran badly was when something else (I think 10W40 but I may be wrong) was used in an interim oil change. It may have been a problem with the filter (which was OE) but going back to 5W30 and replacing the filter fixed it.
5W30 or 0W40? - eMBe {P}
Re: Ford Fiesta 1.3 EFI (Endura)>>
Any advice appreciated

may I suggest you read the following threads:
5W30 or 0W40? - Moby
Much appreciated M.B., esp. the second link.

I think I may give Rapid Fit a call tomorrow, I think theres one near Evans Halshaw near Treforest.

Thanks again
5W30 or 0W40? - DavidHM
One in Bridgend too. That's where they did the £15 oil change on the Fiesta I mentioned in the other thread.
5W30 or 0W40? - eMBe {P}
I believe RapidFit is a subsidiary of Ford (I may be wrong!).

Here is a quote from the American AA:

>>" Choose The Right Oil For Your Car

Once again, your vehicle owner's manual is the source of the best information. The company that built your car wants it to run reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles. Therefore, the carmaker is going to recommend the kind of oil that is best for its engine.

SAE Viscosity Ratings: Viscosity refers to how "thick" or "thin" a liquid is, or how easily it pours. Viscosity also is commonly referred to as "weight," as in a light-weight or heavy-weight oil. Viscosity is really a bit more complicated than simply "thick" or "thin" or "weight," but the Society of Automotive Engineers has organized viscosity ratings in a series of numbers that is easy to understand.

Oil viscosity is affected by temperature. A heavy oil that stays relatively thick at high temperatures would have a high-viscosity rating of 30, 40, or 50. A thin oil that flows freely at low temperatures would have a lower number. Because temperature affects how well any liquid flows, motor oil viscosity is rated at both high and low temperatures. The lower viscosity numbers of 20, 15, 10, and 5 are accompanied by a "W" for "winter." Some motor oils today have a single viscosity rating, such as SAE 30, but many are designed to work in a wide range of temperatures. Such oils have a dual viscosity rating, such as 5W-20 or 15W-30.
When an oil is cold its viscosity increases, and it does not flow easily. If you use high-viscosity oil in low-temperature weather, heavily loaded engine parts will not receive oil until the engine warms and the oil thins. Hot oil, on the other hand, is thin and flows easily. Low-viscosity oil in an engine running at very high temperature may break down and allow moving parts to rub against each other. This can cause rapid engine wear and possible damage. Today, most carmakers recommend multiviscosity oils such as 5W-30 and 10W-30. Check your owner's manual to see what's recommended for your car.

Modern metallurgy allows engineers to build engines with tighter clearances between moving parts than was possible in the past. These modern engine designs offer improved fuel economy, emission control, and performance, but they require motor oil that provides immediate lubrication to close-tolerance parts. High-viscosity oil may delay critical lubrication right after startup, even in hot weather. This can lead to premature engine wear and reduced operating efficiency. The best advice for selecting a motor oil that is right for your car is to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the general climate in which you drive. " <<
5W30 or 0W40? - Peter D
Hi Moby,

Castrol Magnetec is a 10w40 so I do not know where you are coming from. Would you like to start again and waht is the specified oil for you engine in the climate that you live ???

Regards Peter
5W30 or 0W40? - Blue {P}
Peter - Castrol Magnatec is also available in 5W30 and 15W40 that I know of, they may be available in other viscositys as well. I think you've been looking at it in a upermarket place where they sell only one type... I know this because I have 5 litres of 5W30 Magnatec in the garage.

I was under the impression that the 1.3 engine ran best on 10W40 oil due to it's older design etc. It's certainly what Halfords recommend, and as far as I know, what Ford recommend.

However, if the main dealers have used 5W30 and there have been no problems then I don't suppose it can have done much harm seeing as the engine isn't too old.

Technically though, they're both right, 5W30 is only recommended for the Zetec, but as your's has been running on it fine and the Ford dealers have used it, I can't see it doing any harm. I would consider sticking to what the engine is sued to...

Does the engine have the clattery noise that many 1.3 engines seem to have?
5W30 or 0W40? - uncle fiesta
The handbook recommends 5W30 for my 1.3 Endura engine. This unit is more or less the same as the 1.3 HCS unit and a 10W40 viscosity grade was the recommendation for that.
I think the lighter viscosity is a move by Ford to improve fuel economy figures.
Anyway, I use 0W40 full synthetic in mine and it runs fine.
5W30 or 0W40? - Peter D
Thanks Blue Oval I was not aware of that and searching the Castrol Web site did not reveal the other viscosities, a bit of a strange site I though.

Regards Peter


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