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Any - Car Genie - argybargy

Being a member of the AA, I've received a letter offering me one of those Car Genie gizmos that you plug into your software port and which is supposed to prewarn you of issues with your car. 29 quid a year and its mine, to have and to hold.

I won't be buying one, because I've lived without such a thing for long enough to realise that I don't really need it, because I expect my car to be able to warn me when its going wrong without buying any additional gadgets, and because I already pay enough money to the AA for a service I've only used about 5 times in 30 years.

But could, and would it suit anyone else, do you think?

Edited by argybargy on 29/09/2017 at 11:36

Any - Car Genie - Gibbo_Wirral

from another page:

All it does is read the fault codes and check battery voltage and is suited to people who don't look after their cars and ignore the engine light on the dashboard or who ignore signs of a failing battery that has been in their car for 6 years +.

You would have been better off getting a £6 Bluetooth ODB adapter off eBay and using the Torque app (free) to read your fault codes and check battery voltage. This app also gives you much more information as well.

Any - Car Genie - argybargy

Cheers for that. I'll carry on doing as I'm doing then, looking after the car as best I can, and waiting for the built in warnings to pop up.

Worst of all, the soundtrack for the TV adverts is a really awful, speeded up version of "Proud Mary", the original of which was a favourite of mine when I were a lad.


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