Rental cars in Germany - DavidHM
Which one would you rent with Europcar ( ): Vectra 2.2 auto or Mercedes SL350?

I'm not old enough for the SL (you have to be 27)

What if I told you the SL was cheaper for a weekend by about £20? (About £220 - one of the cheapest ways known to drive serious performance cars, seriously fast, is to go to Germany and rent them from Sixt or Europcar)
Rental cars in Germany - Gen
Makes sense, if that's what you want it for.

I once booked a Corsa (i think, or similar) from europcar in germany. I was very upset when I ended up with a zafira (for no extra charge)...since the petrol consumption on that was terrible...and so on the 1500 miles plus i did in that car i "lost" money on petrol i reckon.

Perhaps the auto is more since it's specially tailored for the across the pond friends who can't 'do stick'.


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