peugeot 106 help - wizard
can anyone please tell me when PAS was introduced on this car?
looking for a small cheap runabout diesel so any advise would be more than welcome.
peugeot 106 help - DavidHM
Parkers doesn't seem to say and the earliest a quick look in AutoTrader seems to be the 96 facelift, so there won't be many around under £2500.

peugeot 106 help - Andrew-T
I would take a guess that PAS was available before that, at least on the diesels. It became standard on all 205 diesels in Oct.93, at the same time that ABS was offered on all 106 models. You only need to look under the bonnet to find out!
peugeot 106 help - mozzer
According to this year's Glass's Car Data Checkbook, PAS wasn't available on the 106 prior to the introduction of the facelift model in June '96. Looks like the cheapest model you're likely to get it on would be a '96 1.1XL where, apparently, PAS was available as an option. It was even an optional extra on the 1.5 XND up until October '97 when it became standard!
HTH :-)
peugeot 106 help - wizard
thanks guys for your help.
went to look at one "P" good runner but had no PAS and felt very heavy for £1600, 117k miles. still looking & may look at the 306D or TD. keep um coming i am most greatful for your help


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