More third-world fun ... - Ian (Cape Town)
Hehe - this is what we have to put up with.
More than half of all driving licences issued since 1998 are thought to have been issued in an "irregular manner", according to the acting minister of transport, Jeff Radebe.

"It is very difficult to make an accurate estimate of the number of fake or invalid driving licences.

"licences are sold to applicants, eye tests are not done, applicants are not tested as prescribed, or not tested at all, and licences are being authorised by non-authorised examiners."

It was estimated that over 5 000 fraudulent foreign licences, including Mozambican, Congolese, Chinese and Pakistani licences, had been converted to the new format.
In the Western Cape, it was estimated that more than 3 000 fraudulent Cameroonian, Namibian, Congolese, Transkeian, Ciskeian, Ethiopian and Somali licences had been converted, and another 750 were under investigation.
... and up to 10 000 fraudulent Transkei and Ciskei licences "are floating around".

More third-world fun ... - deltaseven
Hi Ian -

As an ex copper in Zimbabwe, I can quite believe that! What was the source for that info? - I would quite like to read the whole article.

More third-world fun ... - Ian (Cape Town)
Hi Ian -
As an ex copper in Zimbabwe, I can quite believe that!

You aren't Ian Boyd are you? (ex Salisbury traffic)
here's the link...
More third-world fun ... - deltaseven
You aren't Ian Boyd are you? (ex Salisbury traffic)

No - Justin Simons (not old enough to have seen Salisbury ;-)
thanks for the link!
More third-world fun ... - THe Growler
LOL Ian! I can take you to a place in Chinatown where all you need is 2 photos and about 3 pounds per license and you can have as many made as you want. Takes 2-3 hours. Order more than 5 and they give you 10% off.

They don't have the hologram facility yet but that's OK because if you quote an address in the provinces you can say the license was issued by an office that isn't computerised yet.

I have and always carry a genuine license, but always have a few fakes on hand to have them confiscated when I get apprehended for some imaginary offence along with a request for a "consideration" to forget the matter. It saves time going to the so-called correction class for a day in an iron-roofed shed under 38 C heat to get your real one back. Common practice.

We also have a mandatory drug test for license renewal. Costs 300 pesos. You go in the "comfort room" (along with clothes-peg for the nose) and fill the bottle. Returning to the issuing officer, you hand it in and he just places it on the shelf with lots of others while he approves your application. When I asked why my "spedcimen" wasn't tested I was told they had run out of the testing strips 3 months ago!


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