What had I become? - midlifecrisis
I was travelling down the motorway today, with the intention of looking at a possible new motor. I was sat at 80, thinking that despite the interior rattles, my Passat wasn't so bad after all. It was quiet and pretty comfertable. To my horror I realised I was also listening to Radio 2. I had become prematurely old (I'm 34).
On arrival at the dealer displaying new car (120 miles away), I quickly signed on the line and drove away in an MG ZT, listening to Eminem on Radio 1. I have become a boy racer (alright, a mature boy racer with two child seats) and I love it.
I'm off to buy a baseball cap to wear back to front.
What had I become? - Morris Ox
You're just living up to your name, MLC!

Nice car, shame about the stereo: why did Rover insist on those awful Kenwood units, where you need a laboratory probe to operate the buttons?!

What had I become? - Nsar
Rover 75 with spoilers - the absolute perfect car for the mid-life crisis - are you sure you're not making this up!
What had I become? - BobbyG
midlifecrisis, just save yourself some money and buy one of the baseball caps that have the peak at the back!! Saves you turning it around!!
What had I become? - Altea Ego

I suspect you now think you have been very clever. The onset of middle age, (ie you realise you liked the music on radio 2) Toodling along at 75/80 no thoughts of tailgating the bloke on the outside lane...then shock horror Gosh I am getting old. I know I can be kewl again *and* be age wise.. I now drive a kewl car. I listen to MnM. I fancy Jlo. I can rap, I have done it I can be kewl through mid life......

WRONG - I thought like that, I thought I was one kewl dad till my 13 year old boy splutters "cool COOOL? Dad you are about as cool as Mount Etna"


So be warned MLC, you will be deemed a sad old g*t in an unkewl mota by those who set coolness benchmarks......
What had I become? - volvoman
Good luck with the new motor MLC - please keep us posted on the car and the overall MG owning experience.
What had I become? - Tomo.

YOU like the car, that\'s what matters. Ignore carping.

You won\'t be able to put your age plus your top speed away over 200 just yet!

What had I become? - eMBe {P}
Paul MLC - remember to update your profile in the backroom. It still refers to your Passat and your hankering for a sports car!
P.S. - IIRC, are you not in one of the "caring" professions that is often the subject of abuse by some backroomers? If so, be careful at what speed you go, because in your MG ZT - while out of uniform - you will likely attract the attention of some of your mates in uniform; which could mean you end up at local Mags court and in the local paper, and so be embarassing for the boys-in-blue. So take care not go above 80 in 70 zones!
What had I become? - joe
You will not have the full blown problem until you instal undercar fluorescent lighting that flashes in time to your 500 watt bass box that occupies your entire boot.
What had I become? - Gen
and bought an aluminium tax disc holder, little LED number plate screws...and most important of all stuck two blue LEDs on your bonnet because...I don't know why since I'm not kuel but please please tell me if you find out...
What had I become? - FFX-DM
Or, like the *kewl* son of my other half, shatter your rear Nova quarter light in trying to remove it so that you can add kewl black window tinting film.
What had I become? - midlifecrisis
Yes I do love the car. Everybody at work loves it. In fact one of the boys is extremely hacked off because he\'s picking up his new Toyota Celicia tomorrow. Comment \"Just my luck, three days before I pick up my new car, somebody turns up in a better one.\"
The car\'s silver and I think it looks great.(Goes pretty well too, although I\'ve never been over 70 (cough!!!!)).
I even caught my wife, who is totally indifferent to cars, looking in a shop window as we drove past.(No, it wasn\'t Dorothy Perkins).
I must confess that the radio\'s back on radio 2, (afternoons only) and the U2/INXS/Billy Idol CDs are in the changer. My four year old lad thinks it\'s a racing car, my three month old has approvingly puked over the alcantara interior. Can\'t be bad after all.
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