Passat steering problem. - yellerbelly
My first post here concerns my 1997 1.9tdi Passat that has suddenly developed a nasty "graunching / grinding" noise when I turn the steering wheel. It is particularly noticeable at low speeds, but seems to start immediately on the smallest movement of the steering wheel. My technical abilities are non existent, so I will be taking it to a garage, but can anyone make any suggestions as to what might be the cause. I basically don't want to be ripped off through ignorance.

Many thanks
Passat steering problem. - oldtoffee

There have been a number of recalls for Passats and in particular for steering related issues such as tie rod ends. The keywords Passat, Steering and Recall in google will yield some useful info. I don't know if this would have anything to do with your problems but I had the same thing (but it didn't happen suddenly) on mine and it got fixed quite promptly. In fact the one and only time the dealer made a positive impression on me. It might be worth you checking with your local VW dealer or VAG at Milton Keynes quoting your VIN.

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