Signs - SteveH42
Two rants tonight I'm afraid, the first one being signs.

Why are councils in this country so useless at putting signs in useful places? Twice in recent days I've missed turnings because the signs didn't give enough warning. First time was in Swindon were you got about 20 yards notice before a roundabout that you needed to be in the right hand lane - and of course by that time the right lane was full of people who knew the area and also weren't prepared to let anyone in. Second was tonight, trying to find Walmart from a different direction to normal. No idea where to go, other than to aim for the the cycling track. The 'long distance' sign was a decent distance before the junction, the 'area' sign was close to the junction, the actual 'landmark' sign was on the junction, by which time it was too late to get across to the right hand lane. I find this stupid as many people who are unfamiliar with an area will go for landmarks first rather than necessarily knowing which area to aim for...
Signs - HF
I have a well-documented fear of roads which are unfamiliar and where I find myself in the wrong lane, unable to change.

So much so that I will actively avoid routes where this might happen.

So, agree, earlier/clearer signs would be most welcome.
Signs - SteveH42
I'm similar actually - I don't like to try and 'force' my way in, or make sudden moves to get in the correct lane. I don't like forcing in as it seems rude and I don't like making sudden moves incase I've not seen someone and cause an accident.

The really annoying thing about the case in Swindon was that you needed to be in the right hand lane to stay on the same road, but as I say, only got a very limited amount of notice as to this.
Signs - Armitage Shanks{P}
Try Milton Keynes roundabouts if your want confusion and inconsistency, there are about 80 of them! Some are 2 lane, from the left you can go ahead or left and from the right you can go ahead or right. Some are 3 lane, left is left only, centre is ahead and right is go right. You cannot easily tell which sort you are coming up to and the road markings are well worn due to the volumes of traffic. Very unhelpful to a stranger in town!
Signs - Morris Ox

I had a similar thread going a week or so ago about the bewildering amount and variety of signage and road furniture generally.

I'm sure all the confusion actively works against you when you're trying to find somewhere. Cleaner, simpler layouts would help everybody.

Right now, though, you're only hope is a good sat nav system which gives you plenty of warning. That or you walk the route first...
Signs - Gen
Take a holiday in Belgium, and when you come back you'll love our signs again.
Signs - Morris Ox
Been there, done that.

Got lost in Ypres, Mons, then Lille on the way back to where I was staying. Toutes directions except the one I was looking for!

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