cost of running cars over a set milage - ian s
does anyone know where to find out the cost to run diffrent models of cars, in terms of servicing, cost of spares etc. something like a lease company would use to cost vehicles for lease.
cost of running cars over a set milage - Armitage Shanks{P}
What Car has a price per mile for running a car over 3 years and 36,000 miles including depreciation, maintenance, road tax,fuel, cost of borrowing the price of the car or loss of interest by not having the cash invested, but NOT insurance. Servicing costs include parts, labour, tyres, batteries and exhausts. The figures may not be quite what you want but at least you can see that car A costs 55p a mile and car B costs 90 so it gives you some sort of pecking order. For instance, the Ford Mondeo range come out at between 50p and 80p per mile. The nearest I could find to £1 a mile was a Merc E420 estate.
cost of running cars over a set milage - ian s
thats exactly what i am looking for, thanks. i have a skoda octavia sdi, i use for a taxi and cover 50,000mls per year. it is due for relacement and this will be a good benchmark for selecting a new car.
cost of running cars over a set milage - Gregory
I think that the cost of running a car is a very good buying measure. But then the Mini comes very low in terms of depreciation; However, since they are not too reliable, the cost of repairing would soon erode the small depreciation.

Buying a car used or new is extremely difficult, and using survey's can be helpful. However, they are very problematic.

Can anyone tell me which car (not classical but new) has the least depreciation. Perhaps mercedes, mini, bmw???
cost of running cars over a set milage - Armitage Shanks{P}
Quoting from What Car's tables again the Mini retains 67% of its value after 3yrs/36,000 miles. I had to search by eye rather than a computer so I may have missed something better! Merc SLs are at 75%! Suzuki Swift 32%. Rover 45s are on a par with Peroduas at under 40%. You could buy new at list price on a Rover 45 at say £12,000, finance it without shopping around and repay £13,000 over 3 years and at the end you'd have something worth under £4,000! Scary!
cost of running cars over a set milage - Vansboy
The problem with predicting true running costs, especially the depreciation factor is so much down to market forces, upon sale of the car.
Several of the big leasing groups have come unstuck & lost HUGE amounts,due to depressed re-sale vales.
Its all a guessing game!But for the taxi job, I think the Skoda looks a good bet.
Now where's Dave Taxi Driver today?
cost of running cars over a set milage - Cyd
Top Gear mag also has this information. Worth the investment of £3.60 I'd say.


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