Con Merchants? - drbe
Last evening (Friday) I was in a filling station near Heathrow, when a youngish man and very politely asked me if I could give him £3 or £4 for petrol. He said he had runout of money or come out without any money.

He promised to pay it back and would give me his driving licence and his wifes wedding rings as security. I said, sorry - but no and went into the pay desk, he moved on to the next customer to present the same story.

Inside the pay/shop area the staff were watching and told me that he was a regular with that story. They were considering calling the police.

A similar thing happened some months ago, with a girl asking for money for a bus fare, this was also near Heathrow (I go to Heathrow a lot)in Macdonalds.

The point of all this - BEWARE.
Perhaps Back Roomers have had their own experiences which they would like to contribute.

Regards to all
Don drbe
Con Merchants? - THe Growler
(I wonder if this was the same place). Happened to me on Jan 7 as I was filling up near the Edwardian Hotel Heathrow.

Not having come down with the last shower of rain, I suggested he grow a beard, take a day trip to France, come back and claim asylum, that way he'd get food and lodging courtesy of the UK gov't along with a leaflet which would tell him how to complain if he thought he wasn't being treated fairly.
Con Merchants? - Obsolete
A few months ago in Reading a young man - smartly dressed - asked me for 70p for the bus ride to work. I refused and he replied with an earful of abuse. I told the lazy scrounger to get a job and look after his money when he got it. I reckon no-one runs out of money with the exception of the homeless which he wasn't.
Con Merchants? - Ian (Cape Town)
Hehe - Cape Town is full of them!
Normally its the "few rand" for petrol story.
I normally say:
"What's the time?
"Aaaah, nice watch! I'll take it, I'll give you R20 [5 litres worth] and a business card, then you can pay me back, and get your watch back!"
Surprisingly, this kind offer on my part is seldom taken up!!
Also works with spare wheels, car stereos, etc.
I'm more than happy to have some realisable goods as collateral!
On the opposite side of the coin, I once had to leave watch, zippo & mobile at the all-night filling station/autobank after the autobank swallowed my card afterI'd instructed the petrol-jockey to fill up the car!
Much embarrasment - went back the next day with the readies, but after that, made a plan to get a petrol credit card [notice to travellers - SA filling stations don't accept the Access/Barclaycard etc!]
Con Merchants? - Clanger
In another lifetime (1988) when I was a rep. I had just finished a difficult hour giving my BT Phonecard some hammer on a public phone (pre-mobile era) at Leicester Forest services northbound and was just about to get into my Astra Belmont (!) when I was approached by a scruffy, unshaven chap who claimed his car had just been stolen from the services and he had to get home to Nottingham or at least to Trowell because his daughter was seriously ill and would I drive him there. I refused, politely at first, but he was insistent, grabbing my sleeve and managing to sob and produce real tears. I was very alarmed by what seemed to be genuine distress but told him to get lost. I spent the 2 hour journey home feeling like a real git, but on the other hand, I'm still here to tell the tale.

I often wonder what happened to him and if his story was true.

Con Merchants? - sombrueil
Happened to me at Blackburn McDonalds near to the M65, a bloke about 30, said he had run out of petrol and he had his wife and 2 kids in the car, so i gave him 3 quid, maybe it was a daft thing to do maybe not, as i am a women maybe we are softer especially where kids are concerned.
Con Merchants? - Vansboy
Sombrueil, not that you are soft,possibly being cautious.
I was approached by unkempt young male in Luton Sainsburys car park,begging for cash.No reason or excuse, given.
I declined & he returned to his scrap value, Panda, before approaching other shoppers.
I can fully understand how a mum,kids & trolly full of shopping, would give some cash, rather than stand discussing reasons as to why she shouldn't.!
Haven't seen it repeated there since.


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