Cheap barges - Morris Ox
Noticed HJ's info about cheap Vel Satis.

Now, I drove a 3.0 litre diesel version late last year for a week and found it to be a car which had a fabulous interior, nice cruising ability, but was otherwise an oddball disappointment.

Not driven a Pug 607, but get the impression that's in the same category: okay, but destined to fade away.

How's about a few thoughts on the well-intentioned cars which somehow missed the point?
Cheap barges - andymc {P}
Honda Logo, which badly underestimated the supermini market. Complete opposite of its successor in virtually every respect.

Fiat Multipla - very practical, great MPV concept with the three across seating, the dash-mounted gear lever and the ability to carry six without sacrificing boot space, but those exterior "looks" must have put off a lot of potential buyers. It might even have made a difference to Fiat's current situation if it had been a big hit.

Renault Laguna - maybe wasn't such a good idea to buy the wiring from Del Boy.

Yaris Verso - sure, it's practical, but they beat it to death with the ugly stick.
Cheap barges - FergusTheDog
Goes back a bit but remember those big Fiat barges of the late 70s and early 80s? And what about the Alfa 6?

Ugly is another thread altogether, there isn't much around today that could be described as pretty is there?
Cheap barges - bazza
Large Jap barges such as Nissan Maxima QX, plus the Korean offerings! What fantastic value these are after a few years.I guess it's to do with the class-ridden UK market that these competent-enough cars can't compete with the prestige brands and lose money faster than burning tenners! I always think what a marvellous achievement Toyota have made with the Lexus marque, to take on the Germans at their own game and compete. Would make someone a good MBA thesis.
Cheap barges - Morris Ox
You're right about the Maxima. Saw one advertised for £3k, yet it would make a perfectly decent limo lasting years.

One of the great ironies is the Toyota Camry. Huge seller in the US, and the V6 is about as smooth as it gets. But a no-hoper over here.

Just heard that the Renault Avantime is also about to get the push after only a year or so on sale over here. Quirkily appealing, but otherwise another French disaster...

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