Golfs - Beej
Is anyone else out there frustrated at trying to buy a used MKiv golf??? I\'ve been looking for ages for a GT TDI or GTI Turbo under 30,000 ish miles v-reg onwards for about £10k - £11,500 but am having no luck. The main dealers don\'t seem to have much in the way of used golfs of this type and nor does anyone else for that matter!! Using Autotrader\'s website, I\'m lucky if there is one within 100 miles. I\'ve got a MKiii GTI at the moment and I don\'t remember such a drought when I bought that 3 years ago. Am I missing something????
Golfs - DavidHM
Maybe the mileage is a bit low, although it should be possible to track one down. People don\'t pay the premium for a GT TDi and then use it to go to church once a week; I\'d say 20k per year is average, meaning that you might do well to increase the mileage you\'ll consider to 60,000. It\'s not like VW TDi engines won\'t do 150k with no problems anyway...

Have you used VW\'s used car website? It\'s excellent, although obviously not cheap.
Golfs - davo
Do you think they will sustain these high values David, with the new model coming in next year?

Also, have you looked at the What car depreciation index, is it realistic on VeeDubs?
Golfs - DavidHM
To be honest, as a strictly practical proposition, the Golf is hopelessly outclassed already, and has been since the Focus came on the scene. On the other hand, it has a superb engine, very high perceived quality and an excellent image. That's why people buy Golfs, and why the values are high.

The image might suffer a bit, but most of the Fulham mummies (there is a used dealer called the Fulham Car Centre, whose stock is probably 75% Golfs!) probably couldn't tell the difference between a Mark I and a Mark IV anyway.

There might be some softening, but I can't see values dipping below the Focus or 307 because that has had more space, better handling, performance and economy (at least on paper) for the last 4.5 years - and still the Golf holds its value better. They're obviously very different propositions.

Values are already not massively above the Focus, so I wouldn't say you should necessarily wait much longer. I would not be afraid of a high miler though; 10k per year around London, with all the kerbed suspension and wear on the brakes, will punish a car like 30k on the motorway.

I haven't read the What Car depreciation index, but usually they know what they're talking about. TopGear's guides at least tend to be more accurate for more the big fleet depreciators that are more likely to be sold through supersites, pushing trade and retail closer together.
Golfs - davo
Thanks for the info, a Golf diesel is very high on SWMBO's list but low on mine. Partly because she would be happy with the 100hp model but I would want at least the 130hp, which I don't consider value for money. However if we keep her happy whilst not losing a fortune with depreciation it helps:-))
Golfs - CharlieB
The Great Trade Centre has got a number of of turbos and GT TDIs with 50-60k on the clock from about 9k.
I bought a GTI turbo from there 18 months ago and its still going great approaching 100k miles.
Golfs - Morris Ox
Had a whizz in a GT TDi 150 only a couple of weeks ago and I'd have to say that it's the all-round best Golf GTi there is these days. Still quite pricey I guess, but for mid-range wallop it was phenomenal. All that and 45mpg...
Golfs - PhilDews
If you are over 25, have a word with thecarpeople at Wakefield - 2002 02 reg Golf GT TDi 130, 8800mls for £12,795. Swedish import. Its the one I wanted but couldn\'t get insurance at a sensible monthly rate (but elephant would quote at £1,057pa for full business use, kept on street and 20,000mls per year)

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