M6\Lakes stop-over recommendations - Chad.R
In a couple of weeks I'm going to be doing my "routine" Watford-Inverness-Watford trip. Normally we drive the 560 odd miles overnight and SWMBO and I take turns at the wheel, while the girls sleep in the back.

However due to a recent op, SWMBO will be unable to drive this time so we thought we would drive during the day and stop overnight somewhere along the M6 around J30-40 to break the journey in half(ish) and make it "part" of the holiday.

I'm looking for recommendations for a relatively in-expensive hotel/lodge, no more than 15-20 minutes from the M6 and a little bit more interesting than a service station.

M6Lakes stop-over recommendations - blank
Not sure if this is really what you're after, but Tebay services is independent and brilliant in comparison with all others. I think there is a hotel/travel lodge there, which may or may not be the one at www.westmorland.com

Good luck
M6Lakes stop-over recommendations - Nsar
Kirby Lonsdale at J36 has plenty of trad pubs - Snooty Fox is good but not sure how much a room is. Penrith at J38 is similar -market town, lots of inexpensive pubs. Both less than 5 mins off the junction
M6Lakes stop-over recommendations - CM
I did this in August last year and stopped off at J40 and went to Ullswater. One was the Pampsbeck Country Hotel which was absolutely perfect and the link below shows double rooms FROM £60. When we stayed it was peak season and more expensive.

M6Lakes stop-over recommendations - John R @ Work {P}
This site may be helpful.

John R

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