Mondeo TD Power Steering - TonyEnglish
I have just booked my car in because I suspect that the power steering pump is about to bite the dust. It has plenty of fluid in the reservoir but makes a loud screetching when trying to apply full lock.

Being a bit clueless when it comes to cars, does anybody know what I should expect to be charged for a replacement. The car is an R reg Mondeo TD
Mondeo TD Power Steering - Chas{P}
I would have the drive belt condition checked/changed first. It sounds like it is slipping. Cost of belt (£15-20) labour round about 1/2 an hour at whatever they charge per hour.

Power steering pumps normally have a long life as long as they have not run dry or been contaminated with dirt.

Mondeo TD Power Steering - Dynamic Dave
To add to Charles note - which I agree the belt sounds like it's slipping, it's not a good idea to put the steering on full lock too often and for long periods on cars fitted with power steering.

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