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An interesting posting on the Jagtalk website.

Is it our Daily Telegraph?

Subject: [ALL] meeting with the boss - long message..


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Posted by Tina Whitmore (Profile) on March 23, 2003 at 15:21:45:

Got an email from my Dad today. He has a new job as a motoring correspondent for
the Daily Telegraph (monthly column). He has a meeting next week at the Jag
factory with the Chairman of Ford Motor co. I gave him a letter to give to him
about my love/hate relationship with my X-type (mainly love!) and told him to
tell the boss to do something about the non-responsive dealers (luckily not my
experience) and the pop-up vents (to start). I gave him a list of the fixes that
I've had over the last nine months and a request not to drop the AWD.

Hmm.. I will just cut and paste what I wrote here - it's a bit rambling but I
did it quickly this AM to make sure my dad would get it in time:

"I absolutely love my X-type, I am completely sold on the Jaguar Marque now. BUT
- the little fixes that the X-type needs (the pop-up vents - the drive shaft -
the gauges that work some of the time - the trunk latch - the clicking
transmission on the automatic models - the gas cap latch - the weeping washers -
the "thunk-ing" suspension - and so on) are costing you terribly - both in
reputation and financially. It's not good to spend $40,000 on a car and then not
trust that it will take you safely where you need to go.

For myself, fortunately I have an excellent dealer (Jaguar of Marin) who has
addressed my concerns rapidly and professionally and done a pretty good job with
the fixes. I know many many owners who initially loved the car but are extremely
disappointed and some quite angry with the quality of the build, and a fair
number of people who've had their car taken back with the US "Lemon Law". Had I
been not well treated by my dealer I would be in the same position and be taking
a closer look at the lemon law for myself. As it is, I have learned to live with
the various issues and still very much love the car.

My request is three-fold: Please have your engineers fix the pop - up vents
(it's so simple to add a clip to the other side of the vent- why has this not
been done yet? - a luxury marque should not have these things that rattle!) -
and please try to have some influence over your dealers - some of them treat
their customers so poorly, and it's killing the Jaguar name. It saddens me to
see the X-type get bashed when it's really such a great car!

The third thing. I got this car for the AWD, if it did not have AWD I would have
never looked at it, but would probably be driving an Audi now. I recently heard
the AWD will be dropped in the '07 model year. This is a big mistake. The US
customer is slowly going to tire of the SUV with its gas guzzling and safety
issues, and be looking for a good alternative, the X-type Estate will be a good
replacement for many, especially if it has AWD. Please don't drop the AWD! At
least keep it as an option! The AWD on this car is fabulous! The car feels very
safe and hugs the road, it can't be beat.

Lastly, I am regularly, almost daily, stopped and told by strangers what a
fabulous looking car it is. I always recommend the car with one caveat - get a
2003 model as it seems as though a lot of the issues are fixed. (I have a 9/01
build). My friends ask me in this order: How are you? How's your car? Until
recently it's just as likely for me to be driving a loaner as it was for me to
be driving the car I actually purchased -- I will probably replace my X with a
newer model once the warranty runs out in 2006, since I don't want to get stuck
with the fix-it bill, and hopefully by then the issues will be taken care of.

Thank you so much, once again, I can't tell you how much I love my car.. but I
know it could be a lot better.

Tina Whitmore

PS I've had this car for 9 months - here's what I've had fixed on mine so far:

GECM replaced for front right headlight failure (fixed), replaced again for
gauges (not fixed)
Brake master cylinder replaced (not perfect but better - less fade)
Pop-up vents (tape applied - temporary fix, I have now removed the vent to stop
it from rattling - not fixed)
All gauges died - replaced fuel sensor and pump (not fixed as they have died
again since then)
Hand brake too loose (fixed)
Rear view mirror loose (replaced and fixed)
Rear window glass defrost bars not working (window replaced - fixed)
Rocking driver's seat (fixed)
Cubby box clip broke (replaced box and fixed)
Weeping washers (fixed)
Two tyres replaced ("boxcar bearings" according to dealer - fixed)
Drive shaft replaced (rattle sound coming from central console area - problem
Rough suspension on certain bumps (fixed - mostly...)"

I have told my father to give this to him, or the powers that be.. I know he's
on pretty good terms with the folks at Ford, he's known them all personally for
many years, so chances are he will pass it on. I have also demanded(!)feedback
from his meeting with them. I have no idea what the meeting is about, I would
assume it's something to do with the direction that Ford is taking in the
future, but that is an uneducated guess. Hopefully they will listen to my 2
cents... .... and have something to say about it!




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new driving article? - Vansboy
This is the style of letter that deserves to get things sorted, much better than a rant n rave!
Think this item should, maybe, have an X type heading?
Anyway, week before last, sold in BCA Blackbushe, 217 mile!!!!, 3ltr SE, 5 months old, Ex finance company.
I wondered at the time, if it had one or two faults & the owner had 'backed' it, leaving the finance co. to sort it with the dealer.
Still seemed good value for £19800.


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