Lpg fitters in Sussex - Gregory
I live in the sussex area and hope someone can help.

Can anyone recommend a fitter in the sussex area, as I am having problems finding one. Although I need to have an approved fitter, the ones I have visited all seem fine. But then I could be wrong.

The one that I like most is in Arundel (Unit 3,Greater Glebe,
Britens Lane, Fontwell, West Sussex). Has anyone used them?

Also, can anyone help me with a list of questions I should ask, and what answers I should expect. I have a 2.0 litre car.

Thanks to everyone who helps me.
CARINA E 2.0i and lpg - danwave@lycos.co.uk
I posted a message on yesterday, but seems to have been deleted????

Anyway, I own a 2 litre car and want to know the issues involved with converting to LPG. Also, has anyone converted their carina, and if so please share your story.

CARINA E 2.0i and lpg - Mark (RLBS)
Since Danwave and Gregory are the same person, there seems even less point than normal in having two threads on the same subject.

And, Danwave/Gregory, since you registered Gregory last, I assume that is the one you would prefer and so have disabled the other.


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