corsa cutting out - antho
I have had a vauxhall corsa for about a year. For the past eight months - on and off- it has cut out after about ten minutes driving - often on the same stretch of road, often when moving - which is quite scary. It is then very difficult to restart. I have taken it to a Vauxhall dealer. It has had a computer check on three occasions, but they found nothing, even though the fault recurred for them. I have had a second hand coil and module put on. For a while it went away when I used super unleaded fuel. It came back and again, for a while, it improved when I added petrol cleaner. Now it is almost as bad as ever. I would appreciate suggestions for what it might be. the car has just been serviced.
corsa cutting out - Richard Foster
My Vectra (1997 R) used to cut out intermittantly when pushing the clutch down, when driving. It was also difficult to restart which was a nightmare at roundabounts! ( & of course brake servo power was lost whilst slowing down after it cut out). Vauxhall replaced several items but the problem only went away (for about six months) when they changed the mass air flow sensor. When the problem reappeared they cleaned up the connections to the MAF sensor & the problem disappeared immediately (been ok for 12mths now). However ths may be irrelevent in your case.
corsa cutting out - DavidHM
What year and engine is it?
corsa cutting out - antho
1994 1.4 engine Not sure beyond that!
corsa cutting out - DavidHM
Okay, this is important. What model is it? There are two, or possibly three, 1.4s, with 60 (HiTorq), 82 and 90 bhp. As each of these engines is very different, and the 90 bhp ECOTEC especially is known for cutting out.

(Some people say that ECOTEC stands for Engine Cuts Out Towards Every Corner). A 94 Corsa could have any of these - IIRC the 90 bhp replaced the 82 for the 1995 model year; the 60 bhp was available throughout the year and well beyond.
corsa cutting out - antho
It is a Corsa Flair. You mention different engine types. How do I find out which mine is?
corsa cutting out - DavidHM
I can't remember how to in your case, but the fact that it's a Flair means (I've just checked this with Parkers) it has the 8 valve, 60 bhp, HiTorq engine.

I think the badging is slightly different for the more powerful cars, and I'd have thought that there would be some markings on the engine indicating an ECOTEC. You can also check the VIN number and find an engine code from that, if you're interested.
corsa cutting out - Carole
> stands for Engine Cuts Out Towards Every Corner

Not sure if this is any help but my Xsara had a long 2 year history of cutting out - usually when going round certain corners (which is why I put my four penn'orth in here, under David's post). Nothing was ever read on the computer until one day a New Boy in the back thought it might be something to do with a power steering sensor. Apparently when cornering the movement of the fluid caused the sensor to shut down. Or something. Sorry not to be more specific, but his explanation was a bit lost on me: I just latched onto the power steering sensor thing and I haven't noticed anyone else in this thread mention this as a suggestion. When the sensor was replaced, it cured the problem immediately and the guy did say he'd seen a couple of cars with the same cutting out problem which had been resolved the same way.

Hope this helps.

corsa cutting out - lubo2005
I have the same problem that your are having, my engine mangment light comes on and the car does not start i have had the distrubtor replaced which cost me a bit of cash then 2 weeks later the same problem occurs 5 times i have had it checked out and no one knows what the matter is some say ecu fault, high tension lead need replaced please anyone help me
corsa cutting out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Lubo, when the light comes on and it wont start is it flashing? If so it is an immobiliser prob.

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
corsa cutting out - lubo2005
when i bought the car i did not get the immobiliser key or whatever it is with the car, so do i get a one or do i get the immboliliser removed.
corsa cutting out - Dynamic Dave
when i bought the car i did not get the immobiliser
key or whatever it is with the car,

The immobiliser chip is inside the keyfob, and if you've never had the chip then you wouldn't have been able to start the engine. If the ignition switch doesn't recognise the chip or there isn't one present then the engine management light on the dash will flash, as Andrew suggested.
do i get the immboliliser removed.

The immobiliser can be switched off by Vauxhall and their magic box of tricks that they plug into the car's ecu. However should you choose this route you'll have to notify your insurance company.

Have you tried resetting the ecu? ie, disconnect the battery for a short while and reconnect - first making sure you have the radio code to hand.
corsa cutting out - John S

Absolutely right about the chip in the key. I'm not sure switching the ECU immobiliser off would be of benefit though.
We've heard on this site about holding an 'authorised' key near the ignition switch for starting. I could be wrong, but I suspect for safty reasons, once the car's started the ECU probably isn't continuously checking for a valid key.


John S
corsa cutting out - lubo2005
Thanks for the suggestions but i think it is not an immboliliser probelm i have when i drive in the car at one time i left a roundabout and started moving up from second to third gear i rember my speed was sitting a 35 mph on a 40 mph road so when i was in the procedure of moving into fourth the engine mangment light came on and the car came to a halt and rember that the rac man had a look at it check the spark plugs the coil and then he said my battery was flat which then when i got a jump start the car started, i have a noisy altenator but surely this cannot have anything to do with this as even after this happened i got a new battery fitted, it must be something stupid could it be taht i have a bad conncetion somewhere near my coil or could the starter motor be gubbed in anyway cheers lubo

p.s i'am very pleased that the people who have took there time to answer my questions who i think show a lot of understanding as i know nothing about cars thank you.
corsa cutting out - DavidHM
My mechanical knowledge is limited, but I'll do my best because no one seems to be looking at the original poster's question either.

It's not a starter problem as that has no effect whatsoever when the car is running. It's only an issue once the car is stationary and needs to be started.

A dead battery shouldn't cause any problems on the move, either, because the car gets its electrical power from the alternator when it is running.

It could be one of several other things though, which I will leave an expert to answer.
corsa cutting out - ucjtckc
The Flair model defintiely has the Hi-Torq engine - My first car was the LS model with the 1.4 Hi-Torq engine. I remember wanting the Flair model becuase of the funky interior and colour-code heater controls!

My car was a 94L and didn't have a key transponder for the immobilser - I'm pretty sure the Vx didn't introduce them until a year or so later.

I had mine for about 8 years and towards the end it would start spluttering and even cut out once on a roundabout. I put that down to water getting into the electrics somewhere as it was really wet that day. As regards the spluttering and near stalling when on the clutch, a change of spark plugs seemed to make things better though I'm not sure if that completely cured the problem. However, the spluttering often occurred when the car had been sitting for a week or so during winter - the guy at the Vx dealerhip seemed to think it was the oxygen sensor....

Hope you get it sorted


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