Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - martin
I've got one of the above fitted on my VW Passat but am terrified of the day when i lose the key and cannot get a replacement. The company who supplied it have since disappeard to who knows where. Is there anyway of disabling this device before it disables me and my car?

1995 M reg TDI Passat
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Dave_TD
I would think most ICE/security installers can uninstall an immobiliser like this pretty quickly and cheaply. After all, these immobilisers are designed as a deterrent to the car thief who doesn't want to be seen or caught, where as in a workshop it's quite OK to have the bonnet open and two or three people spending ten minutes fiddling with wiring under good lighting.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Armitage Shanks{P}
I am sure DTD is right. Look at the things you can get done to your mobile telephone in most town's markets on a Saturday! Decoded, unlocked, network change etc. A bit of knowledge and the right computer programme, I am sure you will be lucky on this one.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - UncleR
DTD is right.

My other half lost our only immobiliser key which resulted in a tow-home by the AA.

I could not get in touch with the original installers either. I got a mobile electrician who worked for Greenflag to come and disable it for me and he charged me £50. Do it now, if you lose it you'll regret it!

I would recommend getting another one installed though (with a spare key!) and don't forget if you're taking the immobiliser off, you may need to tell your insurers.

Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - stefanta
My mates ford Imobilser ( factory fitted) kicked in when he was driving down a motorway. he pulled over and restarted the engine, and all was fine. how savage is that? im dreading the day it happens to mine. as soon as it does il get the thing ripped out.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Gen
Slow down...£50...£$£$...Martin if you\'ve got a little bit of electrical understanding you should be able to disable it yourself...depends how well fitted to how long it will take you. If it\'s a simple one circuit immobiliser could be under five minutes (as were often fitted by little companies that go bust). As you say the immobiliser is by key could be just remove the keyswitch and connect the wires. I\'m not joking. Need to know if is normal key or chip/electronic. Also any info such as if single, double circuit immobilised. Give us some more details on the immobiliser and may be able to to deter amateur thiefs and so consider not getting another imhelp...

With all respect to your car you will be trying to ward off amateur thiefs. Better without an expensive immobiliser but a hefty steering wheel lock and/or alarm. If you have an immobiliser and nothing else after some kids have pulled every wire out trying to start it you may wish they\'d burnt it out. Flashing lights/visible deterrant may save your windows and wires as well as the car.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - UncleR
Or he could end up with an immobilised car and a handful of wires. Up to Martin of course but it took the Greenflag guy about half an hour to do mine (there was no incentive to do it slowly) and he was a professional. Even with some written advice I'm not sure it's a job for an amatuer.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - martin
Thanks for all the responses. It seems to be just as you say, I am waiting for that fateful day when the immobiliser kicks in when I\'m doing 75 on the M4!!! Not sure how much of a electronics expert I am, so feel safer asking a garage chap to sort it out for me, rather than botching it myself. It may be straightforward enough, it is only a standard Jack key fitting, much like an adaptor for a set of headphones if you stereo socket is too small, for example.

As for a crook lock on the steering wheel, I thought these were even easier to brake than immobilisers. I saw a documentary involving a can of something cold, a hammer and hey presto a broken wheel lock in 10 secs!
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Vansboy
Don't forget, as we're talking diesel, there is probably a cut out valve on the fuel system,also fitted.Assuming it was a reasonable system,to start with.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - martint123
I had to have an alarm/immob fitted to the bike to get insurance and the guy took four hours to fit it. No slacking as it was fixed price. All wires black, all (very tidily) threaded through existing cable harnesses which were re-wrapped and indistinguishable from the orginal. I've looked at it as I too am worried about a failure on the road, but I think it would take at least the same time to remove the thing. (although I think I know how to take the lid off it, disconnect the backup battery, remove the circuit board, and jump some connectors with paper clips - should the worst happen).


Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Gen
Just had a thought Martin if you have one key and are worried about losing it just leave it in the car when you use it. Pop it under a mat/in ashtray/under a tissue/under a front get the idea. No chance lose and get benefit of your immobiliser whatever it is. Unlikely thief going to look under your floor mat etc right?

As to you worried crooklocks are easy to break. Agree. Crooklocks are long gone. But if you go round your auto shop there are some very decent full wheel cover locks; these are not so easy. Car thiefs do not like going with a hammer to take a car; it is legally going equipped and as their legal brief told them the last time it is a bad thing sentence wise. Despite what the motor industry would like you to believe a sustained attack is unlikely unless you have a ferrari.

If I had an M reg Passat I would not worry about the immobiliser but fix an alarm and full steering wheel lock. If there is no security, car at risk. If steering lock will move to next car if want to steal. And the alarm disuades against the most likely crime- a look through the glove box/boot. Get one with flashing LED and interior movement sensors.

Agree with Martint123 that a well fitted immobiliser can be a real problem to remove/disable. Unfortunately immobilisers and alarms are rarely so fitted. As you say it is a time issue, will the guy make the effort to take the dashboard out etc or route it an easier way etc etc. And the quality of the unit. Of course with a bike as you have a big risk for you is pick up and in a lorry. Saw an interesting mini bike garage in the sunday times the other week. Looked just the job for a bike to me.

As to Stefanta I also have such a worry about immobiliser turning car off. That's why I would only have an immobiliser that disables the starter motor relay and thus could not stop the car in such a way...unfortunately car can be bump started but combined with alarm and physical deterrance unlikely...

Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Railroad
Alarms and Immobilisers are a total waste of time and money. I'd sooner pay the extra insurance premium for not having one.

They're not going to stop thieves, 'cos if someone wants to break in or nick your car they're going to whether you like it or not. They're only ever going to cause the owner trouble.

A visual deterrent is all you need. Either a flashing LED, crook lock, or best of all a big dog on the back seat.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - googolplex
Alarms and Immobilisers are a total waste of time and money.

Sorry, cannot agree with this! Following your logic, Railroad, we shouldn't bother locking cars or houses if the determined thief will break in anyway. True alarms and immobilisers don't stop a determined thief, but they are certainly a deterrent and that's good enough for me.

As ever its an issue of balance: they are surely worthwhile at the right price.

Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Railroad
You WILL agree with me when yours has locked you out, there's no way to overide it and you're towed to a main dealer for re-programming 'cos nobody else can touch it. You'll wanna rip the thing out and chuck it out the window.

Believe me, I know I've seen it so many times.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Railroad
Especially when the main dealer is so busy with booked in work, they can't even look at it for a week.
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - googolplex
I believe you railroad, but its never happened to anyone I know. Anyway, its a bit hard finding a car without an immobilser these days! I'm sticking with the immobiliser. You rip yours out if you want to!
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Blue {P}
I think all new cars have to have an immobiliser fitted as standard?
Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - KB.
I think all new cars have to have an immobiliser fitted
as standard?

I'm absolutely certain they do. And I personally have never had trouble with one nor do I know anyone who has. If it's fitted as standard to a car and operated via the ignition key, not many people are going to go to the trouble of interfering with it. On a new car there would all manner of implications with insurance and warranty to consider.

By the way - CostCo do the hefty and extremely strong DISKLOK for £39.99 plus VAT. The last time I looked, Halfords were selling it for £79.99.

Imobilisers! Are they worth it? - Humpy
>>Following your logic, Railroad, we shouldn\'t bother locking
>>cars or houses if the determined thief will break in anyway

Many farmers don\'t bother locking their tractors and lorries because they know that thieves will simply break the windows. When the thing gets recovered they don\'t want to have to fork out for new glass. It\'s less hassle not to lock them.

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