Corsa Gearchange - caspian
Hi All.
My son has an N reg 96 Corsa 1.5 TD. GLS About 150K on the clock.

It is becoming quite difficult to select 5th gear.

You go through the normal process, up, right, push, and it goes smooth as silk into third.

Problem is worse when hot, and you have to push quite hard to the right all the way from fourth to do it.

When it does go in there's no sign of a crunch, and the car actually drives very well.

Any ideas if this is common with Corsas, and/or if it's likely to very costly to fix. (Up to about £100 would be regarded as accepable).

Corsa Gearchange - Miller
Every Corsa I have driven in the past (all old shape models) have had awful, notchy gearchanges even with only a few thousand miles on them, so for your sons to get to 150k before having problems is no mean feat.

As to your specific problem I'm no mechanic but could it be a gear linkage problem or is there enough oil in the gearbox?

If you need a replacement box you will have to balance the cost of a re-con unit against the value of the car, considering its age/mileage you may find this not economically viable.

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Corsa Gearchange - DavidHM
I'm no mechanic either. Unless you find one who says otherwise, I'd start with the oil.

Probably the car is worth about £1100 in a private sale, or £600 as a trade in, if fixed, and a box should be about £300-£400 judging by posts on here previously. I know it's an old car with high miles, but early Corsas, especially diesels, and the top-spec (at the time) GLS, are surprisingly popular.

Therfore I'd say it is economically viable to fix it, although the car might not be a keeper. (It's one of the cars I'm biased against, although I would say that yours is about as nice as they get).
Corsa Gearchange - Miller
Hello DavidHM, I think you are being a bit generous on the cars worth, I would think more like £5-600 private and half that at trade in. Remember you are talking an eight year old corsa with 150k miles, a petrol model with this age/mileage would be almost worthless. As for the cost of recon gearbox plus fitting I would think you would be lucky to see much change from £500.

But who am I to preach, the problem may need only a simple 5 minute adjustment that costs a tenner, so not all doom and gloom.

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Corsa Gearchange - DavidHM
I didn't get my figures from here, but

values the car at between £550 and £1100 as a part exchange. I know it's a lot of money for an old, high mileage, mainstream car, but Corsas are cute. (Obviously my figures are based on the gearbox being fixed).

There's nothing in Loot below £1100 as a TD, or £900 for an older, 1.5 n/a diesel Merit. Auto Trader has no TD GLSs below £1500. Even allowing for the high miles on this car, I don't think my values are too far out.

As for the cost of the box - I remember a post in which someone had a recon box fitted to a Corsa 1.5D, which apparently had the FD from a van. He'd paid £420 and the consensus was that this was too high, £300 was more like it, but that's the sum total of my knowledge on Corsa gearboxes.
Corsa Gearchange - Miller

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Corsa Gearchange - Vansboy
Agree with linkage adjustment idea.Lots of WD40 sprayed on first.
Also are clutch/brake pedals level? Maybee clutch cable needs adjusting, too.
PS Not sure if you may offend some people with you're signature, Miller,just a thought.
Corsa Gearchange - Miller
Vansboy, how do you figure that? The only person I am taking the michael out of is myself! (I Think?!)

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Corsa Gearchange - Victorbox
Have a look at the gear shift linkages where they comes out of the bulkhead in the engine bay and connect to the top of the gearbox. A friend had a similar problem with his Corsa and it was one of the bushes associated with these rods breaking up. They can be replaced and are much cheaper than a new gearbox. It makes me think that it could be these linkages (or possibly the joints at the base of the gear stick) as you say the gear engages without a crunch. If nothing appears broken try lubricating all the gear linkages in the engine bay with WD40 or similar, as the joints could just be stiff enough to stop selection of 5th gear.


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