Honda HR-V 4WD?? - dodo
I'm fed up driving crap cars and have decided to spend up to £5000 on a reliable car. I live in a hilly area and a car with part time 4X4 would be great. A local dealer has a beautiful Dec 1999 Honda HR-V 1.6 4X4, nice colour, cd palyer, aircon etc. It is group 8 insurance and is nice to drive (in comparison to my previous 88 POLO and current 94 Metro). Asking price is £5750 -maybe £5000 along with Metro if I show him the cash. So am I wrong? Is there something better out there? Thanks
Honda HR-V 4WD?? - dodo
Bought it £5500. Beautiful car - must be rare - no response to my question!
Honda HR-V 4WD?? - Dave_TD
nice colour

What colour is it? My cousin's just bought a Y-reg one in a hideous metallic yellow. She thinks it's great...

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