Ford Focus - mr_right
I had an accident in my car. It\'s now being fixed, the trouble is I dont want it any more.

I have been looking at ford focus\'s on the autotrader website, what do people think about buying an ex lease or company car with high mileage the focus? Are cars like that designed to cope with high mileage or is it not worth wasting money on one?

Ford Focus - oldtoffee

I think the Focus is a good car for you to consider. It seems to do very well in reliability surveys here and abroad. The engines are proven and if you look at ex-lease company cars you'll find most with full service history. High mileage means mainly motorways with less stress on engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension etc. Despite the qualities of the car, they still depreciate like a volume seller (though not quite as bad as you might think) so take your time, be very very fussy and don't pay over the odds.

Ford Focus - mr_right
Thanks for that NeilS I will take into concideration what you have told me. I will be very very fussy lol and will deff take my time, i believe there will be some good motors out there and ive got plenty of time.


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