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? - What family car - Waspsandwich
We recently sold our nissan juke and bought a peugeot 308. We have now discovered we are going to have another child and feel that the 308 os to cramp in the cabin for two adults and two kids, we also miss the height of the juke to an extent.
We are looking for something bigger and are torn between an suv and an estate and are looking to spend around 9-10k as we will have negative equity from the pug going on to any finance.
Ideally we are looking for something that will give us at least 40 mpg and have a bit of ground ( i do a lot of hillwalking and drive on forest roads) clearance as well as a decent boot and plenty of leg room, also one that has a goid reliability and safety rating.
So far i have come up with an asx, mazda 6 estate and the quashqai, i was just wondering if there is anything else i should take into considoration?
? - What family car - joegrundy

I have become a bit of a fan of Dacias (though I don't have one).

The Logan is very good for room, the Stepway has extra ground clearance, and the Duster gets good reviews. All (new) could be in your budget.

I have always been an older car sort of bloke, with not much time for new cars with too much to go wrong. However, having lost my enthusiasm for DIY mechanics (skinned knuckles, laying underneath cars with hot oil dripping on my face, etc.) I am quite tempted by a new car on PCP. Pay a reasonable monthly payment (say £120) and have a car under warranty, breakdown, service plan, etc. A complete rethink for me, but when I read of 'ECU' issues, DMFs, £100 to plug in for diagnostics, I shudder.

Son has a coming up for 12 month old Dacia Sandero. I've been impressed with it.

May be worth a visit to a Dacia dealer if badges don't matter to you.

? - What family car - Avant

The Qashqai seems to tick most of your boxes: it's no fun to drive, but then not many SUVs are unless you spend a huge amount of money. It sounds as if you need an SUV if you want the ground clearance.

The Skoda Yeti is better than most, and has been around for long enough for you to find one to suit your budget.

A Mazda CX-5 has more ground clearance than the 6 estate: avoid diesel Mazdas. I've never tried a Mitsubishi ASX but it could be worth a look.

? - What family car - slkfanboy

2nd the Qashqai and not Yeti fan.

At 10K per year the old petrol verses Diesel debated comes into play. Unless you do a good amount of non-town driving go petrol the defference between 35-40mpg is approx £180 a year far less than a dreaded DPF failure.

? - What family car - Graham567

Mk4 Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0 Diesel? You could pick up a nice one for 10 grand.Perfect for big families,loads of boot space and very reliable and refined.

The only negative would be the ground clearance which is average but not to SUV standards.

Avoid the 1.8 diesel as its not as refined.


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