The Silly Thread III - HF
Thread full and write locked. For continued silliness, please refer to Volume IV.


Hope this is ok, M and DD, since the previous thread has passed its centenary, I thought it might be an idea to open a new one.

Just testing to see if bold, italic and underline work.
The Silly Thread III - Rob the Bus
Sorry, but I can't find the bits I found before that explained how to get bold, italics and underline so could someone do me a huge favour and either explain it again on here or e-mail me? Thaks guys!

The Silly Thread III - HF
Rob, the instructions are under the post entitled 'That's my weekend ruined' by Marc.

However, I have a very good description of what to do which might be a little clearer, so I'll email it to you.
The Silly Thread III - Rob the Bus
I\'ve just been given instructions by Leif on how to do colours and I can\'t wait to try it out!! Can\'t think of a better place then a silly thread!

Hello , how are you? .

Blimey, bit of a faff isn\'t it?
The Silly Thread III - Mark (RLBS)
What got into you lot last night ? Thanks Dave for limiting the antics of the local natives.

I was trying to make this thread more sensible and a bit broke off. Sorry about that.
The Silly Thread III - Rob the Bus
What got into you lot last night ?

I can't speak for the others, but in my case it was several pints of Strongbow! Sorry for allthe hassle caused - it won't happen again.

The Silly Thread III - mal
Dave, Mark,

Please accept my public apoligies for my part in messing up the thread last night I can assure you it will not be repeated.

Regards, Mal.
The Silly Thread III - Tomo.
Crawl, crawl!

How many moderators are we going to have, anyway?

And any minute chance one will be PRO-MOTORING?

The Silly Thread III - NWS
Tomo, flicking through a few threads tonight you seem to have posted the same, 'why oh why' moan about posts not being pro-motoring on about 4 of them. If you're that cheesed off with what you find here, why are you still here?
Sorry if not everyone shares your views, but it would be pretty tedious if everyone posted the same stuff. Instead of just having a whinge, why don't you venture some reasoned views?
The Silly Thread III - Technoprat {P}
I have no idea what you lot are talking about, but it's quite refreshing!

The Silly Thread III - Dynamic Dave

If you don't like the way the site is run, you know where the door is. No one is forcing you to stay. If you think you can do a better job, then send in your CV - we could do with a good laugh.

ps, Hopefully you will get to see this before Mark moderates a moderator's post!!
The Silly Thread III - Mark (RLBS)
Remember an e-mail I sent you a while ago, Tomo ?

You should read it again. Every word.

To everybody else - you\'ll get to know that every now and again Tomo comes in here and posts loads of worthless notes everywhere, then he disappears again for a while.

Usually full of devastatingly amusing puns such as \"Dave should be MODERATE\", usually an endless bunch of claptrap about the difference between a motorist and a driver, frequently a bunch of paranoia over the global anti-motorist conspiracy and other stupidity.

He adds to this endless criticism of the site and how its runs. But sadly, he keeps on coming back. I keep hoping that he won\'t, or that he\'ll give me a good enough reason to stop him.

Thankfully, his visits rarely last long.

The Silly Thread III - mal
I was smarting after *my* public ticking off, but now I feel a whole lot better thanks to Tomo's public whipping.

Mal, (sensible head now firmly screwed back on).
The Silly Thread III - Obsolete
Rather like a Titan Arum then?
The Silly Thread III - HF
M and DD,

My public apologies too for my part. One day I'll learn.

The Silly Thread III - Dynamic Dave
As posted by terryb in the Technical Matters forum as part of his reply to someone. I didn't want to delete it as it seemed mildy whimsical, so I'm transfering it here for you on his behalf:

an "I'm feeling lucky" search on (NOT .com) on "French military victories" yields an amusing result!
Cooking smell - L'escargot
Sorry for my ignorance, but whenever I switch on the heater
fan I get all sorts of smell. This happens even if
I have cool air blowing.
Smell range from egg to curry.
My car is a Carlton Diplomat , with 122,000 on the
clock. Runs extremely well.
Can anybody enlighten me ?

Does it only happen when driving past a Chinese or Indian restaurant ??

L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Wacky (Boat) Races - Rob the Bus
As it's the Boat Race tomorrow (how come it's the same two teams that make it through to the final each year?) does anybody think that it would be a wizard idea to have a Wacky Boat Race? Who would compete and what vehicles would they be best suited to?

Never rub another man's rhubarb ;-)
Wacky (Boat) Races - andymc {P}
I'd compete in a boat made of sculpted ice. That way, my increased fatigue as the race wore on would be offset by the decreasing mass of the vessel. No-one could argue that my boat wasn't still in the river. By the time the victory celebrations commenced, it would be just the right size for cooling my champagne in. Result!

Any prize money would of course be spent on a haemorrhoid cushion.
DT Website - frostbite
Wonder if anyone else is having problems with the DT website?

The front page loads up as normal, but every time I click on a link to go anywhere the CPU usage indicator goes into overdrive for several minutes, and the mouse & keyboard are virtually ignored. Eventually the link works but it's become too tiresome to stay with the site.

This happens with IE5.5 and/or Crazy Browser, and only on the DT site. I emailed them a week ago, but as usual it's like emailing a black hole.
DT Website - Obsolete
Frostbite: it works for me and IE6.
BMW catalytic converter - eMBe {P}
Here is a picture, on the BMW forum, of how a catalytic converter works - it shows the effect of drawing in air through the "cat" which has a special secret ingredient in it. The result is reputed to be an experience out of this world.
National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - THe Growler
I heard that most contestants had real trouble with the question about which way round a baseball cap should be worn....
National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - matt35 {P}
Last week in Majorca they were selling baseball caps with the skip at the back to avaoid this confusion.

National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - Armitage Shanks{P}
Matt35, what is the 'skip' of a baseball cap and would it go with my anorak? As an aside, they used to make baseball caps with peaks at the front AND the back, Sherlock Holmes wore one and it was called a deerstalker!
National IQ test. Conspiracy ???? - Baskerville
I found this on another board
(apologies for the asterisks but it\'s ok in context I hope): Er, no actually.
Flat battery car-start devices - Dynamic Dave
Whilst I think of it, anyone want to buy an ice-cream van?

Does it come with a Flake, or is that extra? ;o)
Sorry, but its friday - Altea Ego
Always wear clean and tight underwear in public, especially when working
under your vehicle...

From the NORTHWEST FLORIDA Daily News comes this story of a Crestview couple who drove their car to Wal-Mart, only to have their car break down in the parking lot. The man told his wife to carry on with the shopping while he fixed the car in the lot. The wife returned later to see a small group of people near the car. On closer inspection, she saw a pair of male legs protruding from under the chassis.

Although the man was in shorts, his lack of underpants turned private parts into glaringly public ones. Unable to stand the embarrassment, she dutifully stepped forward, quickly put her hand UP his shorts, and tucked everything back into place. On regaining her feet, she looked across the hood and found herself staring at her husband who was standing idly by.

The mechanic, however, had to have three stitches in his forehead.
Sorry, but its friday - AndyLucas881
only in America!
Sorry, but its friday - borasport20
nice story, but do I detect the faintest whiff of an urban myth. After all I'm certain a rather less 'exposed' version of the tale has appeared as a sketch on either Jasper Carrott or Not the Nine oclock news several years ago.

And what sort of wife is it who mistakes a total strangers 'family jewels' for her husbands ;-)

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
Sorry, but its friday - John R @ Work {P}
Tru, false, made-up urban myth... who cares?
It made me smile and thats all that counts on a Friday afternoon.

John R
'I have an answer' - frostbite
Backroomers who missed it may be mildly entertained by a contestant's answer in a recent 'Weakest Link':-

AR: What is the device, beginning with D, which directs the charge to the spark plugs?

Contestant: Diesel

Worst of all, it was a bloke!
'I have an answer' - DavidHM
Drive belt? :-P
'I have an answer' - Altea Ego
Can tell you what directed it away from the plugs on the wifes fiesta - Damp and Dew
Quiet - HF
It is SO quiet in here today! What's happened? Has everyone suddenly discovered social lives?! ;)
Quiet - CM
finally managed to sit down today and am going thru some of the posts.

what's a social life?

Quiet - bafta
HF. You really should try to get out more. Did you not notice that today the sun was shining and God was in his heaven? It was probably even too hot for the BMW brigade to polish their ultimate driving machines.
Quiet - HF
CM - sorry, I cannot define 'social life' to you at the present time.

Bafta - getting out and about is not easy when one has to contend with climbing in and out of all sorts of orifices.

Seriously though, it really IS quiet today, isn't it?

Quiet - bafta
But HF, I thought that with your MOT fresh in your pocket and the new gaiter protecting your CV joint there would be no stopping you. You could have hopped down to Brighton for the day.
I'm glad that its quiet. I would have been most worried about the backroomers if they had spent today, indoors, at their PCs.
Quiet - HF
Bafta - give me time! Yes, the MOT means I can go where I want, when I want. And actually I shall be doing so, very soon. You have to remember though that at present HF does not use motorways - a habit which is going to have to change, and soon!

Guess it's good it's quiet, as you say - oh and I didn't spend the whole day indoors PCing, btw! Just popped in from time to time and found it very deserted!
Quiet - Obsolete
Out birding along the Thames. Hoped to see some owls but no luck. Oh well. BTW what's a social life? Is that one of those things you read about in the sunday comics?
Quiet - Rob the Bus {P}
>>You have to remember though that at present HF does not use motorways - a habit which is going to have to change, and soon!

HF - don't tell me that the motorways of this great land are going to be treated to the sight of a Vauxhall Astra struggling along in 1st??? ;-) How come you're going to be taking this brave step?

And you mention you having to crawl in and out of orifices on a regular basis in another post. Erm, at the risk of being moderated (snip, snip) why on earth do you need to crawl in and out of orifices? You're not a intelligent, computer-literate hermit crab are you?

Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
Quiet - HF
RTB - how very insulting ;) I've said before that I frequently make it into 3rd gear. However, I'm afraid it's true, it is indeed likely that the motorways of this beloved country of ours are to be subjected to a certain Vauxhall Astra. And I apologise in advance to all motorway users for my presence.

The reasons - well, may I just say for now that I feel the need to spread my wings and venture off to pastures new from time to time? It *is* very brave though, isn't it?

As for orifices - well I guess you've not been around here long enough to know about my central locking problem. You could do a site search for tales of my elegant entries and exits via boots and windows. (or just read my profile).

As for computer-literate - surely you know of me better than that by now!

Willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.
Quiet - Rob the Bus {P}
>>It *is* very brave though, isn't it?

Unspeakably so, HF! Good on you. I just hope that he's worth it ;-). Good luck, anyway. You will keep posting from wherever your itchy feet take you, won't you?

>>tales of my elegant entries and exits via boots and windows.

Sounds like you've been emulating the Dukes of Hazzard. So do you look more like Bo or Luke? :-P



Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
Quiet - HF
>>I just hope that he's worth it ;-).

Ehem, I don't think anywhere in the course of my posts have I mentioned a 'he'! (or a 'she' for that matter!)

As for the Dukes of Hazzard - are you Dynamic Dave in disguise?!

Willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.
Quiet - RichardW

If you do decide to start using M-ways PLEASE get yourself some lessons! It's a totally different environment, and just an hour or so's tuition can make the difference between getting there and not, and the whole thing being a white knuckle ride, or a (reasonably!) relaxed and controlled journey. There are too many people who have not the first clue how to drive on a m-way, and as an experienced M-way user you can spot them a mile off, and avoid them like the plague!


Quiet - HF
Hi Richard,

Thanks very much for that. As one who has vowed NEVER to go on motorways again in my life, let alone actually drive on them, I am absolutely terrified at the prospect, and am indeed going to be eased very gently into the nightmare with plenty of teaching and practice.

Mind you, if the experienced M-way drivers avoid me like the plague then perhaps that's not such a bad thing ;)
Quiet - Pugugly {P}
Actually took it out for a thrash along some little used bendy bits. Far better than polishing it....

BMW Brigade member.
Quiet - Blue {P}
Actually took it out for a thrash along some little used
bendy bits. Far better than polishing it....

I like to do both :-)

Not much chance when you spend your weekend at work though. :(

Quiet - CM

Go away for a few minutes to sort out crying kid x2 and look how many have crawled out of the woodwork (social life, saturday night, PC users, hmmmmmmm!)

BTW, BMW Brigade member, who doesn't wax and usually only gets car cleaned at service time.
I AM BACK !!!! - Amin_{p}
Hello guys and girls

You might have noticed I had disappeared from the site for a while, or you might have not. However the nature of the disappearance was indeed unusual. A few weeks ago I was suddenly unable to log in to post anything. At first I thought it was a server problem of some sort, then it went on for a few days and it began to sink in that I might have been kindly removed from the list by one of the moderators. I emailed the site webmaster (not sure which one but its either Mark and Dave) to ask whether anything I had said or done has made them upset to such extents as to have terminated my membership, however I received no reply. This went on for another few weeks, however a few days ago I realised I was once again able to log in to post stuff! Now, could someone explain how that could have happened? Or was I having a long day dream. At first I thought it was the result of me ramping on too much about how wonderful are Citroen AXs (when clearly no one shared my love for them), but then again no one kicks out The Growler for going on about his Mustang or is it a F-150 now?!?. Anyway, fortunately or unfortunately I am back! Lets hope I wont have to endure another prolonged period of disconnection from the BR. Best wishes to all - Amin
I AM BACK !!!! - THe Growler
Actually Amin it's Mustangs and F-150's. Well I just thought it might bring a bit of other-worldliness and add some spice to a dreary world of speed cameras and gasoline rapidly becoming more expensive than a good single malt. I mean, well, you know, leaven all that stuff about does anyone know how to get the ashtray out of my father-in-law's Fiesta, or are Citroens any good (don't answer that) or my odomoter is showing 39,832 miles and I have to get to my nephew's bar-mitzvah in Scunthorpe on Wednesday which will take it over 40,000 and will my cambelt break on the way back because the manual says it must be changed at that figure.

Here in this land of 7,107 islands we know how to have a good time and a good joke or 6.

Now then it is Father's Day where I live and Growlette has laid on a special treat, of which she will not speak at this time. I say well I'm not your father but she points out I am old enough to be, which I cannot dispute.

Have a good day.

I AM BACK !!!! - J Bonington Jagworth
It's Father's Day here, too, G, although I'm glad to hear that you aren't in fact related to Growlette. You had me worried there for a minute!
I AM BACK !!!! - Dynamic Dave

Neither Mark or I are the webmasters actually. We are the moderators, and our email addresses can be found in our profiles.
Until the 31st May, Martyn was the Webmaster - see his message in announcements. HJ has now taken over the role of webmaster.

Check your email for further info.
Quiet - HF
CM, I *do* feel that talk about whether or not one waxes is best kept in private ;)
Quiet - THe Growler
It should be used as it was meant to, otherwise my Mum said you'll go blind.
Quiet - patpending
dynamic dave said:

an "I'm feeling lucky" search on (NOT .com) on "French military victories" yields an amusing result!

I caught up with it a little late.

Love the road map with the "Guderian Expressway A1940" crossing the Meuse at Sedan!

As a joke of course.

Terrorists - frostbite
A teacher was arrested in London today after being found in possession of compasses, protractors, and a straight edge........

He claims to be a member of Al Gebra, a new organization possessing weapons of maths instruction.
Terrorists - Rebecca {P}
I like it!
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Nsar
Am I permitted to invite suitable headlines for the attached story?
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Altea Ego
Motorist stopped for a pea.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - PR {P}
"Motorists Pea'd on again"
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Ian (Cape Town)
Mush ado about nothing?

(or if there was a tailback)

Mind the peas ... and Queues
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - henry k
Shucks - NO
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - oldtoffee
Attempt to break world record for world's largest fish supper begins to take shape.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Bob the builder
"Peas ! Release me, let me go " - apologies to Engelbert H.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Nsar
New green transport policy revealed

(it was about time I rose to my own challenge....)
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - AR-CoolC
Police are using a helicopter go get a "birdeye" view.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - 3500S
New anti s-pea-ding road surface a complete failure; local council less than pea-sed.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - henry k
An extreme way of fooling a Gatso ?

Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - NorthernKev {P}
Peas take to streets to protest about travelling conditions.

Police said they would be processed shortly.

Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Observer
> > BREAKING NEWS; Ferrari sack pit crew.
> > Modena, Italy. The Ferrari Formula 1 Team fired their entire
> > Pit Crew yesterday.
> > The announcement followed Ferrari's decision to take
> > advantage of the Scottish Executive's Work for the Dole
> > Scheme and hire unemployed Glaswegian youths.
> > The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent
> > documentary on how these Weegie neds were able to remove a
> > set of car wheels in less than 6 seconds without proper
> > equipment, whereas Ferrari's existing pit crew can only do it
> > in 8 seconds with millions of dollars of hi-tech gear.
> >
> > This was thought to be an excellent yet bold move by Ferrari
> > Management. As most races are won or lost in the pits,
> > Ferrari would have an advantage over every other Team.
> > However, Ferrari got more than they bargained for as, during
> > the neds' first practice session, not only were they able to
> > change the tyres in under 6 seconds, but within 12 seconds they
> > had resprayed, rebadged and sold the vehicle to the McLaren
> > Team for 4 dozen cans of Carlsberg Special Brew, 10 cartons
> > of cigarettes and a quick glimpse of Coulthard's bird in the shower.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Baskerville
Just try this:

Go to Google, type Weapons of Mass Destruction and click the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

Ha ha.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - HF
Doing that gave me 1450000 options. Having researched them all thoroughly, I still haven't found the one you were referring to ;)
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - andymc {P}
HF, I got this one:
Make sure you read the whole page, and even click on the links! I think it's a sublime piece of work.

By the way - I am suspicious of your ability to research all those options. Thoroughly, too. You must have a little input socket in the back of your head where all the information is downloaded directly to your consciousness. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that you are in fact the star of "Terminator 4 - Handbags of Mass Destruction". Or was it "The Matrix - Jump Started"?

Either way, I fear and respect you.

Good night!

Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - HF
Good night Andy - I will check out your link in a mo. But have no fear, I am not the Terminator, or even anyone out of the Matrix (care to explain that one to me?! I never got it even after teenage son tried to explain!)

Fear and respect is good though, and you and all else who know me should really abide by it.

Only trouble comes when there's a power cut. My links to all your brains diminish just a little then. But not totally ;
) I will remain in charge and in control.
Take care and speak again
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - HF
BR is playing me up tonight! Your link Andy only takes me to a 'website cannot be viewed' or something. never mind.

Almost shuteye time, see ya soon.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - DavidHM
HF, don't just look at the layout of the page, read what it actually says very closely. Don't worry, it's not too technical!
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Dynamic Dave
Doing that gave me 1450000 options.

HF, put the phrase in quotes, ie "weapons of mass destruction"
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - HF
It's morning (in case you hadn't realised), I'm wide awake, and I still can't access it. Andy's link still gives the same answer, and DD doing that does narrow it down to 1220000 options, but.....

David maybe it's not technical! But I can't find it!
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Mark (RLBS)

Go back to the link which you tried which said "Page not found".

Read the first couple of paragraphs and come back here and tell me what it said - clue: it isn't the page ou think it is.
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - HF
Oh, silly silly me! David - you were absolutely right! Got it now! And I'd guess it was there all along. LOL, ta for the link Andy!
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - Brill {P}
Gawd're not my wife are you?
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - andymc {P}
LOL HF!! Glad to see you got there in the end. That's why I think the thing works so well - it's kind of like a magic trick!

Terminator/Matrix references were just about human/computer interfacing, kind of what I was saying you must be able to do to check 145000 links thoroughly. The current release in the Matrix franchise is called "The Matrix - Reloaded". I thought of your car, and voila! Cheeky beggar strikes again. Or so I thought - obviously only worked for me! More a case of "half-cut cinema geek strikes again".
Care to Offer a Suitable Headline? - hootie
See there's only me feeling all that silly atm then.

Now I've got here was going to tell you about the weapons of mass destruction, but I'm too late.

So, I'll just go to bed and hope that someone else feels silly soon.

It's too damn hot to be serious!
(still wondering about my question about which cars we'd IMAGINE other BRers drive if we could just see their faces)

Old men in hats - Cliff Pope
Yesterday I was stuck behind an old man in a hat doing a steady 45.
When we got to a nice long straight section he speeded up to 50, but as I indicated and started to pull out to overtake he started indicating right.
I hung back and waited, but he didn't turn right, he cancelled his indicator. When I tried again, he repeated this.
By now we had run out of clear road, and he slowed down to 45 again.
Most OMIHs are totally oblivious to other road users, but this one was clearly on the ball and deliberately baulking me. I didn't dare ignore his indicator just in case he had been going to turn right.
Has anyone else ever encountered this kind of thing?

Perhaps hats should be banned as well as mobile phones.
Old men in hats - J Bonington Jagworth
Some folk do seem to get a bit anti-social in their declining years. A group of us were seeing my daughter off on her honeymoon recently, and we had to jump out of the way of an old trout (not you, HF) on an electric buggy whose only announcement was that we would get "minced" if we stayed put! I bet she's the first to complain when children are impolite to her, too...
Old men in hats - hootie
What a wind-up merchant!

Not sure how much it has to do with his hat though - some old men who wear hats are most courteous.

Could it have been to do with the type of cars you were both driving? was he trying to prove something? (other than that he could prevent you from over taking him?)

"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Old men in hats - peterb
I'm afraid I tend to be wary of drivers in hats, regardless of whether the hat is of the old man or reversed baseball variety.

Ooooh, aren't I prejudiced!
Old men in hats - John R @ Work {P}

There does seem to be a common connection with drivers that ware certain types of hats (work related hats are excluded from this generalisation).

Trilbys and base ball caps worn by any age group (I have seen older chaps in BBCs but no younger chaps in trilbys!) seem to equate to a certain attitude to driving which is "I'm alright mate and I can do what I want... so up yours!"

I tend to treat drivers in hats with the caution due to them as if the hat was a bandage.

(Brain doners need understanding to...)

John R
Old men in hats - Marcos{P}
A similar thing happened to one of my freinds years ago on a stretch of road near to us. My freind went to overtake and the silly old git accelerated so my freind couldnt get by and then slowed his speed righ down again after my freind pulled in behind him.
At the next available straight my freind took a run up and tried again and the old goat accelerated again but this time my freind didnt give in and crept past him only to then have a head on collision with a van coming the other way.
Luckily there was an off duty copper following them and watching in amazement. The old boy got taken to court and was banned from driving for life because he was virtually deaf, almost blind and had only partial use of his right arm.

dont know if they let him keep his flat cap though.
Old men in hats - HF
What was it you were saying about spelling and grammar in another thread Marcos? ;)))
Old men in hats - Marcos{P}
Fankyou HF for pointing that out.
Old men in hats - Robert J.
Why would you want to wear a hat inside a car anyway ?
Old men in hats - hootie
Why would you want to wear a hat inside a car
anyway ?


if the roof leaked and it was raining directly above your head

if you had to get in and out a lot and it was cold outside

if you thought it made you look much more stylish than you really are, and that mattered to you

if you were such an old dodderer that you'd forgotten you had it on


I'm getting too daft now and have a hot date with the hoover, or the iron ................ oooooh to be spoilt for choice!

"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Old men in hats - trancer
"Why would you want to wear a hat inside a car anyway ?"

So you don't have to keep removing and replacing it. You don't really need trousers while driving (unless in a Mini Moke), but it is so much more convienient to keep them on I reckon.

It is really interesting to hear the dim views on people who wear hats. I wear hats quite regularly. With my rapidly disappearing hair and intense 95 degree sun, I find them almost a medical necessity. The question now is, should I risk 2nd degree sunburn (not to mention, melanomas) and gain the approval of the backroom, or should I stay safe, but ridiculed 8-).

If it makes any difference I always buy caps with peaks in the front, though there is a new "rap superstar" model with a sideways peak that looks very tempting.
Old men in hats - peterb
Obviously wearing a hat in a top-down convertible is OK and probably sensible.
Old men in hats - robZilla
Just make sure it has a chin strap if you intend to go more than about 20mph!
Old men in hats - Cliff Pope
Not a scarf though - remember Isadora Duncan, strangled by her scarf caught in the back wheel of a Bugatti no less?
Old men in hats - eMBe {P}
Folks: just a gentle reminder to look at the picture on top left of your page. You don't want to get banned by your host now, do you?

HF: I wonder if Marcos has spotted exactly which mistake in spelling/grammar you were referring to?

Trancer: I have replied to your post on the "Where are you?" thread.

hootie: there is a "large" blank space above your "signature". It will save me scrolling down a few inches, if perhaps I may request if you would be kind enough to remove a few blank lines?
Old men in hats - apm
Ref: keeping trousers on- if you took them off and tied them around your neck, you could quickly and easily access the contents of your pockets without having to rummage around and squirm, with the inherent car control issues that go with those activities.

Stolen from the letters page of Viz, but so relevant I felt worth repeating.
Dr Alex Mears
Seat ibiza Cupra
Mazda MX-5 1.8iS
Yamaha RD350YPVS
Old men in hats - hootie
Sorry (spaces) have done (I think) having trouble getting it to save my changes - it says it has, but it aint!

(particularly in reference to the View I require)

Being padantic - the picture of our host doesn't seem to have been taken in a car ???? Would fellow BRers accept a written note from me to excuse our esteemed colleagues from being included under this complaint? I am quite willing to do so.

"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Old men in hats - Rob the Bus {P}
I have to admit that I am not sure why this has been moved to the Silly Thread. Cliff Pope's original post was about a serious issue that could have had disastrous consequences and I feel that lumping it in with the Silly Thread trivialises his experience.

I agree, though, that the discussion has become very silly since.

Christ, I sound like that Graham Chapman army major in Monty Python, don't I???

"Stop that, it's silly!"



"Bucket o'lard"

Value my car