Cheap Brake Pads - Dudley
I noticed the item in today\'s paper \"Warp Factor True\" (406 with warping brake discs). It reminds me of my same experience when my Rover 218 turbo diesel was a company car and the lease company garage kept replacing discs.

It finally appeared that the cause was cheap brake pads that caused immense heat build up. Garage claimed the lease company had instructed them to fit the cheapest, not the manufacturer\'s parts.

Lease company claimed the garage was doing a cheap job (except for the substantial costs of several discs over 2 years!).

Net result - agreement for new discs, proper pads. No problems ever since!
Cheap Brake Pads - Ben79
I fitted ATE Power Discs and braking has been much better. As the discs are rated for a higher temp, they are less likely to warp.

Again, using the handbrake reduces warping.

What happens on hydropneumatic Citroens with front handbrakes?


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