seized clutch - chris rabson
The clutch on my old triumph is stuck.The pedal moves as normal., yet when the engine is running I fail to get it into gear .IF i try and start the car in gear with the clutch depressed it lurches forwards Will towing it free it?
Re: seized clutch - Don Cox
Sounds like the centre plate is stuck to the flywheel, pressure plate,(but not both if you can operate the pedal,)or seized to the prmary shaft splines. Towing with the pedal pressed might free it in the former two cases, or it might break something in the clutch. If it doesnt free it you're going to have to change it anyway, so I guess there's nothing to lose. You could try rocking it in top gear with the pedal pressed first, before embarking on the more heroic action.

Don Cox.
Seized clutch - David Lacey
Done this many times. Start the car in gear and drive it with the clutch pedal fully down (NB It is best to do this in a large unoccupied area) The heat from the engine onto the flywheel together with lots of sharp on/off throttle movements has freed off many seized clutches for me.



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