Escort running rich - Ed2002
My 92 1.4 CVh escort appears to be running rich.

It has a misfire at cold which when revved really hard produces black puffs of smoke. The exhaust is kind of a sooty black colour inside the tip, even though its only a few months old.

The Cat rattled a while back for a month or 2 but has now stopped.

And on the motorway it struggles to reach anything higher than 80, in past times it has easily reached 90/100.

I dont want to go out and buy a new cat if its gonna get broken again due to another fault.
The air filter is fine, not clogged.

Any ideas? I thought maybe the lambda?
Escort running rich - 547HEW
Assuming plugs and ignition generally OK, suggest checking Coolant temperature sensor wiring / connections . If this sensor is open circuit, engine will think its very cold (below freezing), and enrichen the mixture. Cheaper than Lambda or cat.
Escort running rich - madf
Catalyst rattle.
Low power

Sounds like catalysts has broken down internally and is partially blocked.

If it is under warranty, get Ford to test it...
Escort running rich - Ed2002
yeah thought that about the cat, but dont want to pay out for a new cat for it to fail again due to a pre existing problem.

I'm thinking what caused it?

Escort running rich - james_60

A partialy blocked cat is not possible if the engine continues to run at speeds of 80mph

also if the cat was blocked why would it be pumping fuel rich smoke out of the exhaust

this suggests that you are running to rich or you're plugs are needing a change

Hope this helps
J Stephenson
Escort running rich - Ed2002
PLugs were changed last summer and since then only 5000 miles max has been driven.

Is the misfire at cold starts any help? It seems hesisitant, and doesnt accelerate smoothly away. Also fuel consumption is poor.
Escort running rich - james_60

i suggest you check the lambda it must be that iam sure of it

Get it changed and let us know the difference

J Stephenson
Escort running rich - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
OR the Coolant Temperature Sensor
OR the MAP Sensor
OR the Mass Airflow Sensor
OR the Throttle Position Sensor

Too many possibilities on an engine like this to run off and start replacing parts, some of which are not cheap. PLEASE spend a bit first on getting a professional diagnosis.

Regards, Adam
Escort running rich - james_60
nice post but incorrect answer

The part in which i told you to replace is a common fault on these fords

Regarding the post named Dying Fiesta which is still on the board where same problem lies the result is the map sensor

Iam sure of this

James Stepheson
Escort running rich - Mark (RLBS)

Please be aware that if you state an answer as 100% definite and/or set yourself up as the ultimate expert on these things you are potentially misleading people.

Also, just be a little careful about telling people they are wrong.

The Tune-Up boys are very good at what they do, they do it for a living, and they\'ve done it for a while, but even they stop short of stating that an answer is 100% definite or that someone else is 100% wrong.

If you really are an expert, then perhaps letting people know a little about yourself and where this expertise was obtained and over how much time would allow them to be able to judge your answers better. Certainly when I have been given advice, I frequently type the author\'s name into the search engine to gain an understanding of his expertise.

Don\'t stop suggesting and trying to help, please, but do be a little more thoughtful.

Thank you.


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